Immigration Q & A – Does the baby mother of my Jamaican husband’s daughter get citizenship privileges?

My husband is getting his US Citizenship through our marriage and me. He wants to also give citizenship to his daughter (a minor) who lives in Jamaica. Does the mother of the daughter get citizenship privileges as well because she is a minor?

The minor child would first have to get permanent residence in the USA and be in the legal custody of her father and then by operation of law would become a citizen. The child’s mother would not gain citizenship through this process. At the age of 21 the child could however eventually file for her mother for permanent residence as long as the mothers parental was not terminated by adoption. The child’s mother could then file for citizenship 5 years after being granted permanent residence.

Will applying for New York hospital care payment assistance program stop me from being eligible for a green card?

As a non-resident, receiving any government/ public assistance in the United States or becoming a public charge in the United States would designate that individual as inadmissible and will result in a bar to permanent residence or even being readmitted to the United States on a non-immigrant status.

I married a Jamaican man I met while on vacation in Jamaica. He has been cheating on me and I found out he has a wife in Jamaica. I want to do a Withdrawal of Marriage Petition. How can I do this?

Simply just notify the USCIS that is processing your I-130 and or I-129 application writing that you wish to withdraw you Petition you filed. You don’t have to give any specific reason. However, once you learn of any illegality or fraud involved in your application process you have a duty to inform the USCIS, if just only to protect yourself and any future application you may be filing.

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