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Jamaica Travel Advice Q & A: Should I purchase aspects of the vacation separately or opt for an all inclusive package?

We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email: Help Answer Jamaica travel question we received via email: When traveling to Jamaica do you think it will be better to purchase aspects of the vacation separately or opt for an all inclusive package?


V. Hamilton-Barrett – Inclusive- Works all the time

J. Esty – The all inclusive package it best it limits how much more you spend. It makes the trip more affordable and you’ll have a blast.

K. Hanson – Depends on what they like…I have done the all inclusive- and yes it was nice, but prefer to just get a cheaper place and hang with the locals…your stay will be so much more enjoyable and you will experience the real Jamaica!! and don’t just stay in one place…travel around the Island. Best place on earth!!

A. Nunez – It is better to purchase aspects however clearly safer to do all inclusive!

G. Umbro – Inclusive package if it’s the first time you travel to Jamaica, then you observe and learn and then, next trip, just book a hotel and do he rest by yourself… A good advice from an ex tourist who chose to live in Jamaica 🙂 believe me

H. T. – I prefer seperate = You get to try lots of different local restaurants instead of just eating the hotel’s food. You will likely spend a lil more, but what you get in quality and experience will far outweigh the extra cost. Same with drinks – you can ge…See More

W. Passmore – All inclusive

J. Budny – If you really want to see Jamaica…Then Separately is the best choice.

N. Thompson – Separately see the REAL Jamaica not the inclusive resorts give the money to the People of Jamaica !!!

S.Sullivan – The only way to really see Jamaica is to book separately and experience the true culture. Explore. See something besides the beach. The All-inclusives are manufactured vacations, not the real deal.


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