INDIGGO Conference Set to Share Creative Industry Experience
Abigail Rowe (far left) with the team at last year’s INDIGGO Conference. image courtesy of INDIGGO.

This Saturday, March 23rd, in Kingston, Jamaica, a unique annual event is taking place.

The INDIGGO Conference, according to Project Manager, Abigail Rowe, is “an event which serves as a medium through which creatives can network and have meaningful conversations with key industry players to (hopefully) bring about gainful opportunities.”

We asked Abigail, who also focuses on Public Relations and Event Execution for INDIGGO, to answer some questions for us.

1. As organizers who are constantly coordinating, etc. do you ever find time to enjoy the event? What is your moment? 

We definitely do! It can get hectic putting on a great event for our patrons but that’s also what makes it fun: seeing people come out, network and benefit from our speakers.  


2. Has the growth and popularity of the event surprised you? 

I wouldn’t say we’re surprised by it but we are definitely grateful that people see what we’re doing and they come on board whether to attend or support it in other ways.   


3. Tell us about what INDIGGO Conference presenters and spectators can expect?

A great programme, goodies from our sponsors, talented creatives on display and the opportunity to network with like-minded persons within the industry.  


4. Who is the artist you were most surprised to get on-board for INDIGGO Conference? 

Not really surprised but we’re again super, super grateful to have such talented artists on-board and we know you, our patrons, will be blown away by their pieces.   


5. What’s your most memorable moment so far doing INDIGGO Conference and why? 

We had an exclusive meet and mingle Art House event last week (March 14) at @TwentyThree in New Kingston. Our sponsors, specially invited guests and the media had the opportunity to get a first look at what they could expect for the Conference to come. It was a great event and it made people (even the ones who didn’t have the chance to attend) all the more excited for the Conference. 

from INDIGGO’s instagram page.

6. What is the main goal or theme for INDIGGO Conference? 

This year’s theme is #TheExposureCall and all the topics and discussions will be centred on answering the call and what you do now that you have answered that call. Sounds interesting, no? Come out and see what that’s all about! 


7. What advice would you give to a first-time participant at INDIGGO Conference? 

Firstly, thanks for choosing to come! Come ready to learn, take part in our activities and have your mind blown by all our creative industry has to offer. 


8. What is the biggest challenge of putting on this event each year? 

Challenges are part of anything you do and it’s always great when we can overcome them – especially when you let your passion push you past the obstacles that may arise. However, I’d say the biggest challenge is just covering all the issues, questions and general knowledge associated with us creatives. We think we got it right though, so join us on Saturday to see if you agree! 


9. What does the future hold for INDIGGO Conference? Will you expand to new cities?

Have you already started planning for 2020?

“No one knows what the future holds” – cliché but oh so true. Just know that The INDIGGO Conference only aims to be bigger and better than we were before, so stay tuned. 


10. When you are not busy with work and projects what do you do to relax? 

These days I just Netflix and Chill… by myself (lol) but I do love a good book and lyming with friends. 


11. My favorite Jamaican musical artist is —- 

Koffee 🙂


12. My comfort food is—- 

Anything healthy…. just kidding! I love me some chocolate or coffee ice cream (yum) 


13. If I wanted to impress someone visiting Jamaica I would take them to— 

Jamaica is impressive on a whole! However… I’d take them anywhere along our beautiful country side; fresh air, greenery, beaches… who wouldn’t be impressed by that? 


Thanks for the time. Where can we learn more about the INDIGGO Conference?

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