Book Review – Indigo

About the Book

Indigo Rosemartin is lured to America by the prospect of earning money to send home to Jamaica and provide advantages to her daughter, Louisa. So Indigo leaves behind her young daughter in the care of her disapproving mother. When the little girl is killed by a hit-and-run driver, Indigo is lost to grief and guilt, losing her bearings with her family and the family for whom she works. She is a domestic in the household of a university professor, tending to his three daughters after his emotionally unstable wife abandons the family.
Indigo is angry and resentful of the girls’ neediness. Restless and troubled by her dreams, she wanders the streets at night until a friend introduces her to a private gambling den owned by a fellow Jamaican, Brother Man, which promises to distract her from her woes. Instead, she is pulled into a new nightmare that eventually pushes her back into life. Miller’s mesmerizing first novel, reminiscent of the work of Jamaica Kincaid, slowly uncoils as Indigo journeys from a crippling grief to peace.

A Sea of Wisdom….my new friend, January 30, 2005
Reviewer: Audrey A. Burgess (San Francisco, CA, USA)

The Authors authenticate my Jamaicanness in speech, color, food and mood. A Sea of Wisdom is my new friend and I reach for it often to feel the Caribbean sea on my skin and taste the spices, to smell the burning cane fields and see the blue mountains blooming coffee, guinep, breadfruit, naseberry and rose apple trees…aaahhh.

Being transported so suddenly to my childhood memories from the humor and appeal of reading a Sea of Wisdom on my morning commute, has really opened my eyes to the simplicity of the wisdom of the proverbs, which are still meaningful today in this beautiful city of San Francisco, I now call ‘Home’.

Growing up in a paradise like Jamaica is an unforgettable experience which is usually lost to my everyday life consciousness while living in a modern, vibrant American city. It is so spiritually and psychologically delicious to see my native language in print…

Audrey Burgess, SF, CA

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