Falling in Love With Jamaica Again

I left Jamaica in 1981, my second year in High School…First visit was in 1984,then 12 long—years after I came in contact with my old elementary,and high school classmate..He convinced me to come home again,which I certainly did. I travelled all the places like black River,(Waterloo Inn) very nice Lady,Westmoreland,all the beauty spots on the South of the island…I also fell in love with my old school mate. I visited 3 times since July of 1996 and pray everyday to complete my Master’s Degree to come home to live.

Jamaicais so beautiful and the country side is so tranquil…My only question is why overpopulate Kingston, when the countryside has so much land space for easy living…On each of my visit, I go to the Waterloo Inn, I call it home even though I was born in Harry Watch Manchester. Coming home again helped me appreciate my homeland much, much more also prouder of my homeland