Interview with Jamaican Designer Richard Campbell Owner of Drenz Fashions

Richard H. Campbell Jamaica’s newest upcoming designer sensation is the man behind the brand DRENZ FASHION. The brand name was originally derived from the word ADRENALINE. Richard had very humble beginnings and many discouragements as a designer and young entrepreneur. It was due the many encouragements received by him from his customers who seemingly roared for encores and kept his demands high that kept his dream alive. Away from financial struggles to get the brand out to the world Richard undercame severe criticism and undermining by his mothering relentlessly taunt him that he will never succeed at designing and that it’s a true waste of time and money. Richard stood by the cause  and started Drenz Fashion.  

Q. How did you get started in clothing design?
A. We got our first opportunity to do t-shirt designs through us promoting a session that we were hosting in Kellits, Clarendon. We being the promoters of the event wanted to be identified easily and since it was a crew thing (Drenalynz) we used the name across our chest and a big DZ logo in the back. Everyone loved it.

Q: Are you focused on mainly t-shirts & casual wear or are you going to expand to a full line of other clothing?

A. No we do much more than that now. For this season December we have hats, bags, pants and scarves.

Q. What does the name Denz mean?
A. Drenz is derived from the word ADRENALINE, It is the new fashion statement on the local scenes.   Drenz style of clothing depicts lifestyle and culture and remains nsync with the slogan and its origin.

Q. Describe your designs?
A. The pieces are edgy, unique and different and are manufactured (cut and sewn) locally providing the wearer with a feel of rush and thrill. Drenz clothing has an international appeal because of its European fit, signature wrong side stitch and fabulous colours. This has greatly enhanced the product and created a brand that is uniquely identifiable in any crowd. 

Q. What inspires your designs?
A. I am chasing my dream to be one of the worlds greatest casual apparel designer

Q. Who would buy Drenz designs?
A. Anyone who wants to stand out, be fashionable, be unique and be street savvy.

Q. Have you participated in Jamaica’s fashion week? (If no answer the question below)
A. No.

Q: Do you plan to in the future?
A. No, Not the correct channel for my style of clothing, my style is more casual and their presentations are formal couture.

Q: You are “head cook and bokkle washer and male fashion model” for Drenz. What is your typical day like.
A. Wake up at 9 a.m, do what the average clean human does in the mornings, check ma e-mail, make all calls I need to make for the day whether suppliers or clients or show presenters, get into the work shop by 1, work at the work shop till 5/6. Get in work on the net or on the computer, do some administrative work, Run any road errands to be done. Rest by 9 p.m., Wake up at 12p.m., if I got to be at any party, back in bed by 4/5 a.m. write my things to do list for tomorrow and the cycle restarts.

Q: As a upcoming designer trying to establish yourself what are some of “street marketing” techniques you have to you?
A. Endorsing events, net, audio and visual ads, getting into stores is a great form of marketing also as well as doing fashion shows.

Q: Have the endorsements of the entertainment artist helped your business?
A Yes it has. People will make reference to your brand and will say Ohhh I know what you talking bout I saw Entertainer so and so in the brand before, so there we know that through that course we have gained some recognition added to the fact that artistes will be in the media a lot of times which gives an opportunity for exposure.

Q. How are your designs being received by retails in Jamaica?
 A We are a well received brand a lot of retailers love the brand because of its uniqueness and vibrancy.

Q: Any plans to design a Barack Obama shirt?
A. Not now. Cant say I will or wont depends on where my creativity takes me.

Q. Is fashion design your main design staple, or are there other projects you’re working on?
A. Yes it is right now, but I also do some freelance accounting and graphic work when I can as well as photography, right now photography and graphics is ma second passion.

Q. Thanks for the interview. Any closing thoughts.
Ahhm , yh… Do what you believe in and believe in what you doing. I think your site is doing a wonderful job, thank you for this great opportunity. ONE! Godspeed!

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