5 Things You Did Not Know About Konshens

Dancehall reggae singer Konshens burst onto the scene in 2005 and has been making hit songs since then. His hits  include “Winner”, “Rasta Impostor”, “This Means Money”, “Good Girl Gone Bad”, “Gal Dem A Talk”, “Realest Song”, “Represent”, “Do Sumn” and “Forward”.  Born Garfield Spence, he has stated his primary musical influence is Beres Hammond. We recently caught up with Konshens as he is getting ready for the Love and Harmony Cruise in February-March 2017. Here are 5 Things You Did Not Know About Konshens

Q: The first country you ever traveled to was…

Q: The word that described my impression this country is…
A: Big

Q: Is this your first performance on a cruise?
A: Yes

Q: Which one of your songs you can’t wait to perform on the Love and Harmony Cruise?
A: The song “No hesitation and to her with love…”.  I think on this cruise there will be a lot of love and lovers so these songs will fit that environment and of course “Bruk Off”. If being on a cruise didn’t already cement bedroom rewards this songs energy should do the trick lol

Q: If you were given a 10 day all expense vacation where would you go…
A: JAMAICA…So many places there I haven’t been yet

Q: The place you go when you don’t want to be recognized…
A:  Anywhere I want… I can blend in low key almost anywhere when I really want to

Q: Other than Jamaica a place I would like to live…
A:  Miami, Florida only other place I would live

Thank for the time and we look forward to seeing your performance on the Love and Harmony Cruise.

To learn more about Konshens visit:

Visit the Love and Harmony Cruise website  for information Koshens and other artist performances.


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