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Interview with Jamaican songstress Denyque


We interview rising Jamaican songstress Denyque. Her song “Summer Love”  was one of the reggae hits of the year and has been burning up the charts. She first broke on the scene at age 11 when she won medals in the Jamaica National Festival song competition. At 20 years old, this singer/songwriter has reached a level of musical maturity that is far beyond her years; and with a distinctive and innate talent that promises to be one of Jamaica’s finest, Denyque is determined to take her place in music history.

Q: When was the first time you realized that music was your first love?
A: That would definitely have to be in my second year of High School after my grandmother passed away. That was when I completely threw myself into music then.

Q: Do you remember the first time you stood in front of an audience to perform?
A: Hahahahaha, yes I do. It was my prep school graduation.

Q: What is the one vivid memory you have from your experience at the Jamaica National Festival song competition?
A: Getting my Gold Medal! 😀 – I sang Whitney Houston’s “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” and nailed it!

Q: In your biography, it mentioned that you were offered a scholarship to the US but due to financial reasons you could not go. Do you think it was destiny, as you may not have taken this path if you had gone?
A: I believe in a cosmic energy that surrounds life. Everything happens for a reason and I stand firm in that belief.

Q: You recently did your first video for the single “Summer Love”. What was the experience like being on-camera acting?
A: It was incredible. I got to let go of Denyque “the individual” and became “the artiste” in its entirety and I loved it.

Q: Do you write your own songs?
A: I do write my own songs and I always have a writing team called Gawjus which is comprised of myself and my best friend.

Q: Who is your favorite female reggae artist? Who is your favorite male reggae artist?
A: Female Reggae Artiste; I have three. They’re Queen Ifrica, Tessanne Chin, and Alaine. As for the favourite male Reggae Artiste, that would have to be I-Octane.

Q: What are the plans for 2011? Can we expect an album?
A: A lot of things in store for 2011 :). I’m extremely excited and am anticipating another great year. Climbing up the ladder, slowly but surely. An album will be forthcoming in the future, but I doubt there will be one for 2011.

Q: Any project outside of singing?
A: Of course. There will be many. A lot of people don’t know Denyque outside of being “the artiste”; I’m a very multi-talented individual and I do expect that music will be my platform to accomplish all my other goals.

Q: The Craziest thing I have ever done is…
A: My best and closest friends will tell you that I’m a comedian; I beg to differ. I’m very spontaneous so I really can’t pinpoint the craziest thing I’ve ever done. There’d be too many things to choose from!

Q: At 16 I loved the song…
A: Let Me Love You – Mario.

Q: Thanks for the interview. Any final thoughts?
A: Believe in the magic of your dreams and the reality that they can come true.

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