This week we interview radio/TV personality, singer, actor, activist and business woman, “Empress”. This multi-talented Jamaican woman has a passion for youth which is reflected in her music and her charity work to raising money during Jamaica’s Child Month. This self-proclaimed “Media baby” was raised in Trelawny, Jamaica, & Miami, Florida & Australia.  She has pioneered a style of reggae music called “Neo-reggae”. Here is our conversation with a Jamaican Empress…

Q: How did you get the name Empress? Is it your real name?
Real Name is: Emprezz Eartha Camielle Mullings…. 

Q: We know you are a radio/TV personality, singer, actor, activist and business woman. There must me one role you love more that the other. Which one is it? 
Being a I have to say the fact that I can help the less fortunate supersedes all things however I love them all equally because they all give me a different energy and enthusiasm. All my roles are reflective of my innate talents, dreams abilities and purpose. 

Q: With all the projects you do in these different areas do you see yourself as a media queen?
I am the female ruler of my Life at the moment.  I have a very important position in the Jamaican entertainment industry and I my main purpose is to see my people of Negro blood and ancestry rise up and become independent, self reliant and confident. We are from African Kings and Queens and I wanna help bring back that position. Where we will be rulers and respected….I was born August 19th..I am a jah bless me…lol

Q: Let’s talk about your career as a singer. You describe the style of music you do as Neo-Reggae. Can you describe what this means?
Mean I few people including Cecile gave my music that title…I guess It’s meant a combination of flavours..likke jazzy soul with reggae… 

Q: How is your album doing? What did you release it in album in Japan? Is there a Japanese connection?
Yes a combination Album is out with Taxi Records and its going ok. It’s called Lady Traffic. I am working on a solo record which may take some time as you see I have so many roles to play and I must keep a balance. I do have a small independent album which people can get to get a feel of who I am and where I am going. It also has combinations with Bunny Ruggs, Nesbeth, Perfect and on other albums too I have a song with Cecile and music is great. My record is available through order at  Stanleyandempress AT

Q: Your song “Father and Child” has a distinct message. What were you trying to convey to men?Oh my men, My men who should be providers, Leaders and protectors are failing us terribly in Jamaica and it hurts my heart as it does affect our children and society. Men need to play an active role in the betterment of society. Too many news reports of missing fathers and the message is not being conveyed enough..”Every child needs a Father in their live…not a donor” 

Q: The video for the song had  a person doing “sign language” for the hearing impaired. I have never seen that in a music video. Where did you get that idea?
Oh I thought the message should cross all barriers it just came to my mind…and I went with the idea.. 

Q: You are very passionate about children’s issues. What are some of the projects you are working on in this area?
Wow  my “empress campaign” raised 6 million recently for a basic school in Bull Bay

I speak at high schools and women centers

Member if the UNIA-doing many things for the children…and I have so many dreams ..but it takes cash to care…

My Movement with three other women called womanbition raised funds and has committed to assist two organisations, the UNIA Nursing Programme and Mary’s Child, a home for teenage mothers run by the Mustard Seed Communities.

Q: I know radio partners don’t get along all the time. What would be the one thing you do that Steven Golding (radio partner on NewTalk 93 FM Jamaica) would say “rub him the wrong way”…LOL. 
Disagree with Challenge him…lol and throw my tantrums lol 

Q: What do you like the most about the radio show?
Wow traveling to a different community weekly dealing with the social, political, cultural, and historical ideas of a community is so informative and to bring change I must understand my environment first hand.

Q: As a radio/ TV personality and artist I am sure your fans have been talking about Buju Banton. What are the feelings your listeners and viewers are expressing to you?
Well some people are shocked, some think he is involved and some believe the gay community set it up.  I say let’s watch and see what takes place in court before we talk to much….

Q: Do you still own and exclusive boutique?
Oh yes catering to men and women. My boutique houses over 30 local designer collections as well as regular networking get togethers. The pieces are on-off, Unique and Yeah BUY JAMAICAN.all are welcome to see the line as long as they reading it on …email: Stanleyandempress AT for password and location details. 

Q: Tell us about your acting stint in Australia? How did you come to live there?
Born there- Moved to Falmouth as a baby, then went back with family to Australia finished high school and moved back home to JA after. Yes all family is Jamaican lol..I just happened to pop out there….

Parents moved to Australia. Did some theatre and TV commercial etc…I was involved in Drama in High school there.

Q: Do you have any new acting projects in the works?
I would love to do a movie one day..nothing in the works at present..I think I could act many roles…confidently..

Q: Any other projects in the works?
My communications company is doing very well…getting more contracts, New Music, New TV Shows, New Radio energy, Boutique growth and new locations maybe,  New Charities, Personal Growth and Developing myself as a powerful woman… 

Q: What is your typical day like?
Wake on the phone, Bathe, Coffee, Breakfast, more calls, Emails, BB messenger on alert, (Recording TV adverts or going to a TV shoot optional),Open and leave staff with instructions about Boutique business, Traveling to radio location, whilst checking in on all businesses..then a drink or dinner networking with a colleague home (cook dinner if I get in before 7 pm which is rare..maybe write a song before TV shows I on and critique myself..then right before I sleep I think about love…. 

Q: What is the one thing you MUST do once a week?
Come up with a new network or business idea and contact my mum and tell them I love them

Q: The best fish in Jamaica is at….
Old Harbour Bay. Roast fish at Reepoh’s Sell off..Sold out. I have had great moments there. 

Q: Best restaurant no one knows about is at?
Empress’s House..with Chef Empress..Big up East Japanese too…I am always there..Big up Taka. They treat me good and they got good Japanese food..

Q: I know you can’t comment on specific in the ongoing mobile wars between Claro and Digicel however do you think there will be a winner?
May the best man I got no shares in the monopoly… 

Q: What is your perfect getaway spot in Jamaica?
Ooh..Love some St.Mary, Ochi, Negril…Strawberry hill..This island is so amazing..we need to appreciate it more..and embrace it more..

Q: Last month was Valentine. What is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?
I would dare not share that secret….wink wink

Q: Thanks for your time. Any final thoughts?
Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about myself. I appreciate it. My final thoughts are:

Let’s all bring back this country to greatness. We need to increase literacy. We need to increase our productivity, we need to stop importing so many things and embrace our history before slavery..we need to live united, we need more discipline, we need more of Marcus Garvey in our schools (Big up UNIA) and honestly some serious leadership, focus and goals.