Interview with Gabe "Yum" Yumiko the reigning Jamaican Car Sound Competition Champion

This week we interview Gabe “Yum” Yumiko the reigning Jamaican Car Sound Competition Champion. Originally from Japan, her love for reggae brought her to Jamaica where she currently resides. We talk to her about her sound system, her love for the island and the Jamaica Car Sound Competition. 

Where are you from originally?

How did you end up in Jamaica?
Love of Reggae music

How do visit Japan often?
Once in the last  2 year as Japan is so far(14hours from N.Y.) and I don’t want to Leave Jamaica.

What do you like most about Jamaica?
Vibes. Also music, people and nature.

Compare your Jamaica to Japan?

How did you get involved in the Jamaica Car Sound Competition?
I wanted to put a simple set in my car. I went to a car sound clash and I thought it was so easy. I followed the Killamanjaro sound those days and learned a lot from them. 

How many times have you won?
I have won countless times. I killed a champion in Cayman too. I have more than 20 Trophies but most of the time, I get money or drinks for prize.

Where do you get your equipment?

For all the car sound fans, what are the specifications of your car sound system?
I’m a miserable woman; I can’t take an off key sound on my system. I have a good engineer, Martin. He is so genius and creates my sound system.

What type of music do you play in the competition?
Musically, I’m old “skool. Dub plate is a tool. You should know how to drop it.

What is the key to having a great car sound system?
It’s like a matey. It give you trouble sometimes, but if you love it and spend money on it, she will sweet you.

What is your favorite place to hangout and play music from your car?
May Pen is my play pen.

Are you also a DJ?
Yes. I  step up inna life. Woman can do anything guys do and still be a lady. It is never too late to start a new career. I love mix, I can’t chat good on mike still. People laugh before I give a joke.

Would you classify yourself as a popular personality in the Jamaica dancehall scene?

Drop a few names on us of your friends in the dancehall industry?
I can’t give a few or two, I’ll get boo. Nuff  respect to all friends fi true.

Who is your favorite Jamaican Dancehall artist?
All of them.

Whats playing in on your car radio today?
Dub straight!

Digicel or Claro?

Last movie you watched that did not meet your expectation?
I don’t watch movie nor TV.

You have traveled the island extensively. What place in Jamaica would you say is paradise?
Treasure Beach(St.Beth), Winifred Beach(Portland), Blue Field(West Mooreland),Lime Cay and some other Kays, and many more. So much paradise in one island.
Thanks for the interview. Do you have any closing thoughts?
Bless and love. If you want to challenge me, I’m ready anytime.

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