Conversation with Jason Daye, president of the Jamaica Floorball Association

Meet Jason Daye president of the Jamaica Floorball Association. The Jamaica Floorball Association was formed in 2011 and last year participated in the world biggest floorball tournament (Storvreta Cup, Uppsala Sweden).  This January the team will participate in the World Floorball Qualification Games in Canada. Here is our conversation with Jason Daye. Support the team’s fundraising efforts today.


Can you explain Floorball to us?
Floorball is an indoor sport that allows the players to use a floorball stick in their effort to shot the ball in their opponent’s goal.  Each team comprises of Six (6) players, 5 field players and a goalie. The game is played in three periods with each period consisting of 20 minutes.
What did you think of the sports when you first saw it?
I this it was really fun and fast.
What has been Jamaica’s highest rank in the sport?  
Our game against USA and Canada will be our first internal game, so after those games we can start looking at our ranking potential.
Do you think Jamaica can be ranked in the top 10 in the sport?
In a few years, yes
Tell us about your efforts to expose Jamaicans to the sport?
Since 2011 we have conducted various activities our efforts to promote floorball to Jamaican, and in particular the youths.  We have conducted numerous workshops with P.E. teachers form primary and high schools, floorball summer camps, floorball tournaments, etc.
Is there a governing body in Jamaica?
Yes there is a governing body, ‘’Jamaica Floorball Association’’ is registered a non-profit organization.
Does anyone there play the sport?
Yes, the numbers of players are increasing every time
What are some of the challenges you face getting the sport exposed in Jamaica?  
Support in the form of sponsorship from companies in Jamaica.
Is Floorball an expensive sport?
No, a standard floorball stick and ball is relative cheap.
How is the Jamaica Floorball National team currently supporting their efforts financially to represent Jamaica?
Through fundraising events  (still hoping to get support from one or two Jamaican Company)
Do you have major sponsorship?
So for we have a Swedish Company called Speeedhoc that has really taken our efforts seriously and have provided sponsorship for the team’s gears, etc
How can people help?  
They can help us by buying our Jamaican Team support T-shirt.  They can place their orders by emailing [email protected] . However we welcome any support that persons can provide. One lady Mavis Walters has invited the team to her house for dinner.  I am personally touched by her kindness. We are also hoping for the Jamaican Community in Markham to come out and support the Jamaica floorball team.
January 31st against the USA and February 1 against Canada
What is your motto?
We don’t have an official Motto but our mission is to promote, plan, organize and monitor all events and activities for the sport of Floorball in Jamaica. Along with providing training and support for both prospective and active players of Floorball, whilst developing Floorball clubs, and the formation of local and national Floorball teams
Q. Which living person do you most admire?
There are so many persons I really admire, but Shafton Daye, my older brother have the person I can say I admire the most.
Q. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose to be?  
Ghana, Africa. 
Q. What 2 personal qualities are most important to you?
Honesty and common sense
Q. Thank you for this interview. Do you have any closing thoughts?
I want to thank you and the Jamaican community in Canada for the interest shown for the Jamaica Floorball team.

Support the team’s fundraising efforts today. See the Jamaica Floorball team  in the World Floorball Qualification Games January 31st against USA and February 1st against Canada at the Cornell Community CentreCornell Community Centre – 3201 Bur Oak Ave, Markham, ON L6B 1E3. For more information on the team visit their Facebook page

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