Interview with four-time Emmy Award winning comedic reporter, Jamaican, Johnathan Walton

This week we interview Johnathan Walton. A graduate from Campion College, he is a Jamaican born, four-time Emmy Award winning, comedic TV reporter, stand-up comedian and TV producer. His TV career began at WSVN-TV the FOX affiliate in Miami, Florida as a Special Projects segment producer. He later moved to San Antonio, Texas to be the Comedy TV reporter at KABB-TV the city’s FOX affiliate and then he did a 5 year Comedy TV reporter stint at CBS in Houston. Currently he’s living in Los Angeles writing, doing stand-up comedy and producing TV Shows.


Q: What do you call the type of Journalism you do?

It’s not journalism. It’s JOURNALUNACY.


Q: When did you realize you had a comedic talent?

In about a year from now.


Q: Some will argue that it is Howard Stern outside the studio?

I’m flattered. But I disagree. I do funny journalism. Howard does fart jokes and x-rated Jerry Springer shtick. 


Q: You have won 4 Emmy awards. Were you surprised when you won your first one?

I was surprised and excited and thrilled and overjoyed and grateful. They’re regional Emmys not national Emmys but my mom can’t tell the difference so it’s all good.


Q: You worked for WSVN channel 7 in Miami that is hailed as the station that brought sensational news to the nation. Did this influence you in your journalism journey?

It was my first job out of college. I learned a lot at WSVN. But no, it didn’t influence me. My biggest influence was Jeanne Moos at CNN. She was the reporter doing the funny/interesting/weird stories and I thought, “I want to do that!” And I did.


Q: What do you think of Rick Sanchez? Are you friends with him?

If by “friends” you mean, do I follow him home every night and peek through his bathroom window while he brushes his teeth? If so, then yes. We’re friends. 


Q: Tell us about Some Stupid Show?

Some Stupid Show is kind of like a “60 Minutes” for freaks and weirdos done in 30. Go to for more info.


Q: How do you keep a straight face doing some of the interviews you do for your show?

Botox. Lots of botox.


Q: What is the weirdest show you have done?

Human Suspension. It’s where “artists” drive stainless-steel hooks through their skin and hang from the ceiling with them. Here’s a link to it:


Q: Do you have any other projects in the works?

Right now I’m producing a new series for The History Channel called: Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. It premiers after Thanksgiving 2010.


Q: Is men wearing jean shorts cool or uncool?

You mean Jorts? Very uncool.


Q: Men wearing Lady GaGa type boots cool or uncool?

It depends on what color their purse is.


Q: Thanks for the interview any final thoughts?

Can I use your restroom?