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Interview with Rootz Underground

This week we interview the reggae band Rootz Underground. The six-member band has a sound that is new and soul taking reggae in a new direction.  They are passionate about the environment and often include “green” initiatives projects in their concerts.

Q: Tell us about Rootz Underground. When was the band formed?
Rootz Underground was formed – as a band – in the summer of 2000

Q:  What does “rock-reggae” mean to Rootz Underground?
It’s simply a term used to relate two genres of music.  To Rootz Underground, it represents two of the many musical influences that we bring together to create our music

Q: Tell us about your latest album “Internet Citizen” EP?
Internet Citizen is a project developed by our keyboardist Paul “Scubi” Smith which we are excited about and lend our collective support to

Q: The single “Internet Citizen” talks about the many things people do now on the internet. What is the message behind the song?
It’s that we are all aught in a part of the contemporary system one way or another, but despite tis fact we still must stay real and remain in control of our faculties! U see me?

Q: Do you think roots reggae is losing its appeal?
Not at all.  It’s growing, if anything

Q: The band seems very environment conscious. What “green” things do band members do and how does it affect the locations your play at?
We are great exponents of a “green” lifestyle, and we encourage others to take up this lifestyle.  We have facilitated this through our Rootz Releaf Program, where we ask that our fans and potential fans to plant a tree and send a photo of themselves and the newly planted tree – complete with address or GPS location to [email protected]

Q: On one of your tour dates last year you asked people to send a picture of themselves planting a tree to get a free ticket to the concert. How successful was this and how many trees were planted.
It was great and in fact was the genesis of our Rootz Releaf Tree planting Initiative. We managed to do just over 100 through the period of the tour. It also helped to spark our recent partnership with La Reserva Forest Foundation and by the end of 2011, our combined efforts, we would have planted just about 60000 for 2011. We encourage more people to be on board.

Q: Was this the start of the Roots Releaf project?
Yes. The Rootz releaf program is multifaceted and we eventually want to take it into schools and communities also. For now we welcome all partners who have the ultimate Goal of planting more trees globally!!   Please check our website for more information.

Q: Do you guys remember the first time you performed as a group in front of audience to perform?
Not specifically, as a growing musical family, we have performed in front of audiences ranging from a few family members to many thousands of new fans

Q: Who is your favorite reggae band? Who is your favorite male reggae artist?
Hard to say specifically with 6 members of widely varying tastes

Q: Tell us about your latest single entitled Rain, featuring Sherieta Lewis?
Its a love song with a fun spin and what its saying is that no matter what the circumstances, that love stays real. It is a fun duet and we chose Sherieta because she has such a fresh, powerful and beautiful voice and everyone will definitely hear more from her in the near future.  It is our latest single and we just shot the music video a few weeks ago.

Q: What are the plans for 2012? Can we expect an album?
Yes, please expect an album and renewed touring spirit for 2012

Q: Thanks for the interview. Any closing words
Give thanks to our friends, fans and families.  Jah is the Earth’s rightful ruler.  Selah  <3

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