IRS leaves Jamaica collecting J$84 Million from Accountant Pamela Watson

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) left Jamaica with three checks that totaled US$700,000 (J$84 million), the result of a liquidation of assets and deposits made by convicted and imprisoned Jamaican accountant Pamela Watson. Watson is serving a 6.5-year sentence in the U.S. for fraud. The Jamaican Ministry of Finance Financial Investigations Division (FID) has indicated that it continues to liquidate other assets that are linked to Watson and are expected to total an estimated US$110,000 or almost J$13.2 million. Watson, who was popular in South Florida’s Jamaican community, entered a plea of guilty on fraud charges that stemmed from operating a tax-refund scam that defrauded her clients and the U.S. government of US$3.6 million. Most of Watson’s victims were Jamaicans that she purported to be helping. Her crimes involved falsifying hundreds of tax returns and refund amounts on official IRS tax forms without the knowledge of her clients. She was ordered by the court to pay US$3.6 million in restitution

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