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The 2008 Ms. Montserrat Festival Queen Selected

It is official; the 2008 Ms. Montserrat Festival Queen is Ms. Loralyn Fergus. According to Deonne Semple, facilitator of this year’s pageant, “Ms. Fergus was sponsored by Montserrat Limited and received trophies for the best swimsuit, the best talent, and the best creative wear.” Ms. Semple says, “Ms Sharlene Lindsay, sponsored by TK Construction, was awarded 1st Runner Up, wining Best Evening Wear and Best Question and Answer. She also received the prize for Miss Photogenic. Ms Nadika Farrell, sponsored by Illuminat (Anu), received best introductory speech and Miss Congeniality.” The main prizes for this year pageant were a car for the Queen, laptops and monetary prizes for the other three contestants, $2,000.00 for the first Runner Up, and $1,500.00 for each of the other two contestants. Deonne adds, “Ms. Fergus has long looked forward to wearing the Crown and now that she has gotten the opportunity I’m certain she will serve her rein and Montserrat well.”

Montserrat Aspirers Incorporated is a Boston-based organization that was started in 1974, by a group of young Montserrat professionals, and owns a community centre in Boston celebrates achieving 35 years of operation.

This organization’s portfolio includes maintaining and strengthening links with its homeland, Montserrat.

As reported by the Government Information Unit (GIU), Since its inception, the organization has awarded over 40 scholarship valued at US$55,000 to graduating seniors entering university.

In his congratulatory letter, newly elected Chief Minister, Hon. Reuben T. Meade said, “I am confident that your efforts will enhance the quality of life of the scholarship recipients, their families, the communities they will serve and Montserrat, indirectly.”

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