Very old big bus

I was born in Davyton, Manchester and have many experiences riding on the big bus. We had to travel to Mandeville to do our grocery and clothes shopping or to see the town. We had to be at the corner (Bus stop) at a special time and if we missed the bus that’s it. That same bus would wait in Mandeville all day and take the people home in the evening.

Can you imagine the crowd in that one bus, all the Market people, who have been working all day in the sun (the scent of the bus), when you are a teenager you don’t want any body to see you in that bus.

Everyone would rather take a taxi, but for me I did not have that much money to take a taxi all the time, so I would take the bus, or walk one mile to Bellefield to catch another bus.

I attended Beaumont Comprehensive College, in 1987 and that bus was my means of getting to and from Mandeville.

One thing I can never forgot, was the bus turning a corner… I believe everyone in the bus prayed. My God you should see “Burl Curve” no walls to prevent us from falling over there. Going down is the worst time; we prayed that the driver took his time, as we approached Burl Curve.

There are many other buses that goes all over the Island of Jamaica, but from Mandeville to Christiana, there was only one bus, a very old big bus…

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Ruth Meshe