JAAC launches the 17th Annual Mission to Jamaica – May 28 – June 3, 2016

BY: Sharon Small

JAAC launches the 17th Annual Mission to Jamaica – May 28 – June 3, 2016

Jamaica Awareness Association of California, (JAAC), formed in 1987, is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. The organization seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of those in underserved areas and focuses on providing support to the health and education systems in Jamaica. Their goal is to increase educational opportunities for talented, at risk young people as well as help in developing effective healthcare delivery in Jamaica. JAAC projects are funded by fundraisers, donations and corporate sponsorships.

JAAC presents the 17th Annual Medical and Education Mission to Jamaica from Saturday, May 28 – Friday, June 3, 2016. The 50 volunteers who will converge in Jamaica, hail from California, Maryland, New York, Michigan, Boston, Tennessee and Texas, all with the goal of giving back in meaningful ways. The group is comprised of nurses, doctors, educators, technology experts

The organization is pleased to have Scotiabank as a major sponsor of this year’s mission. Mrs. Joylene Griffith Irving, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility & Executive Director of ScotiaFoundation, was pleased to make this announcement to the Association in January 2016.

Medical and Dental Clinics
In the past, the clinics have attended to 1200 – 1800 patients per week. Members of the selected communities are often out very early and eager to get their “spot in line” to get free health screening and medication.

Residents of the areas listed below are encouraged to come out and take advantage of the free medical and dental services in St. Mary.

Monday 5/30   Tuesday 5/31   Wednesday 6/1   Thursday 6/2    Friday 6/3

Med. Clinic:

Rock River            Brainerd              Robins Bay               Islington                visit

Dental Clinics:

Rock River           Brainerd             Islington                    Islington               vist

Retreat                 Retreat               Robins Bay                 Islington               Islington


The surgical team, headed by Dr. Laurence Weekes of California, proudly boasts the 12th Annual Laparoscopic Surgery Seminar. The seminar will be held in Port Maria, St. Mary on Sunday, May 29. Doctors from across the island will converge in ABH for two days of hands on training after the seminar. The team will then head to Savanna-la-Mar to assist with laparoscopic training at the hospital. The collaboration with Annotto Bay Hospital has produced a unique rural Laparoscopic Surgery Training Center of which the organization is very proud.

Education Team

  • Behavioral Therapists & Social Workers Workshop: “Developing the Whole Child.”
  • Partnership with Brown’s Town Community College School of Nursing for a 2-day workshop – “Impacting Quality Nursing Practice through Collaboration and Education”
  • Technology Team Workshop: “Creating and Maintaining Blogs with an Emphasis on Social Media”.
  • Various elementary school visits in the parish of St. Mary to deliver mathematics, science and library reading and training material.
  • JAAC’s adopted schools visits: Faith Builders Early Childhood Center in Oracabessa, St. Mary and Buff Bay Primary in Portland.
  • Scholarship interviews with 6th Graders: Enid Davis Scholarship Award

Please contact us for any additional information:
Phone: 213.394.0440
[email protected]
President – Peta-Gay Gordon
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