Jamaica Bawling

Jamaica from distant shores I can hear you
Bawling…. so loud snow fell in summer
Your wailing sadness, I taste your tears

From so far, your belly burning, I feel it
Oh! what happened, what mourning retched doom
Become your soul
Like no sadness I’ve known
Like no other……….you moan
My Jamaica, my Jamaica, O my Jamaica
How can I bring comfort

Tell me how can I stop the blood dripping into the ocean
My fellow man bathe and drink blood the same
From your brothers veins
In my dreams I see your face in agony,
Blooming flowers quail, sunset of orange
Blood red,
No pleasure in your sunshine

There is fowl smells of death, no respect for life
Given or taken, born to die…. what a concept.
What Carnegie buried mellow sun cursed
Upon thee
On a land God himself holds the key

Your children are being vomited by the dream gone wrong
The disillusion, devastation some couldn’t hold on
So they snap and change the channel
For a new song unravelling slow motion
Rewinding to the beginning
Where they come from, the mental damage
Didn’t leave the Island
Sparkling eyes with a dream
What happen? Whatever it was, Jamaica is not "Guilty"

Wombs are bawling what went wrong
The milk "n" honey is frozen
Foreign is not heaven but a prison bondaged hell
The mental havoc shreds your mind
You lost who you were …..that’s what went wrong
Jamaica, don’t cry anymore, God will take care of it all
What’s done is done.

A world in shock
What an effect by a dot on the map