Let Us Tell Of Jamaica

The Jamaican Flag, replicating the morning star,
Shines magnificently, for the entire world to see.
The Jamaican Flag represents justice,
Independence, peace, wisdom and honour.
Its colours which boldly shouts,
I am black, for the hardships of my people build this country,
I am green, for the luscious vegetation abounds in its great splendour.
I am sashed with gold, for the glowing sun caresses the land.

Let us tell of Jamaica, for her history is dynamic.

As the national anthem is being song,
Stand with vigour dignity and pride,
Sing with all your heart,
For this land is truly blessed by the father’s hand.
I thank God for his divine intervention,
Upon the mind of Sir Hugh Sherlock,
Who put his pen and paper together and wrote the National Anthem.

Let us tell of Jamaica, for her people are gifted!

Jamaica the largest English-Speaking Caribbean Island,
Has a land area of 4,411 square miles and is 146 miles long.
The country is mountainous, with its highest point,
The Blue Mountains, reaching 7,402 feet.
Kingston, the capital of Jamaica,
Is known as the Cultural capital of the Caribbean,
With museums, art calories, theatres, botanical gardens
And of course the list continues.

Let us tell of Jamaica, she is pearl of the Antilles!

Have you ever seen a Jamaican smile?
Wow! It captivates my heart and illuminates my life.
Our dialect is unique, and alian dear not understand.
“Out of many, one people” we stand as one,
Putting our hands and hearts together, to build this, our land!

Let us tell of Jamaica, for her people are winsome!

Oh let us tell of Jamaica, of her hopes and Dreams,
Of her plains, her green mountains,
Of her silvery sash of meandering streams,
Of past and future of her fine friendly folk.

Let us tell of Jamaica, she is the epitome of beauty!

As Christopher Columbus said on his fourth voyage, “The fairest land mine eyes have ever seen!”

Oh let us tell of Jamaica, she is paradise on earth!


Suzlaee Karoal Blair was born in the parish of Manchester on the 7th day of July, 1982, but lived in St. Elizabeth for almost twenty years. She enjoys reading, writing, reciting, playing football and lawn tennis.

At present, Suzalee is a 3rd year Education student at Northern Caribbean University, pursuing a Bachelors of Science Degree in Secondary Teacher Education, with emphasis in Social Studies and Computer Science.

Suzalee have been writing poems from the age of 13 and today she has a collection of over 50 poems – original. She was awarded Poet of Merit Award at the 2002 International Society of Poets Convention in Hollywood, California.

Suzalee was also a contestant in the Miss St. Elizabeth Festival Queen Competition for 2003, in which she came up in the top 5 out of 15 young ladies.

Suzalee’s motto is “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Her philosophy in life is “Climb every mountain, run through every valley, until you’ve found your heart’s desire, but remember the track, you may need it in the future.”

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