Jamaica 7th among Top 10 Countries in the Americas with Most Nationals in US

Research from News America has determined the Top 10 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America who have the most number of immigrants living in the United States. Based on data from the Pew Center, some 46,630,000 individuals who were born in other countries live in the U.S. Heading the list is Mexico, which as of 2015, had 12,050,000 people living in the U.S. Second was Puerto Rico with 1,740,000 nationals in the U.S. Puerto Rico ranked fourth on the general migrant list, however. Third in line is Ecuador among the Americas but 7th overall, having 1,280,000 nationals in the U.S. Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala ranked fourth, fifth, and sixth, with 1,130,000, 940,000, and 880,000 nationals in the United States. Jamaica is seventh among the Latin American/Caribbean countries, but 14th overall, with 710,000 Jamaicans living in the States as of 2015.