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Jamaica at Top of List of Destinations Most Desired by World Travelers

Jamaica at Top of List of Destinations Most Desired by World Travelers

Jamaica is deservedly famous for its lush mountains, rain forests, and beaches, the world travelers have taken notice as the Caribbean island ranks as the planet’s top travel destination. The island is attracting thousands of visitors with its wide array of activities, relaxing ambiance, outdoor adventures, and excellent seafood. According to Travel Agent Central, Jamaica is topping all other destinations in terms of demand by travelers who are looking for their next adventure.

Jamaica’s hotels and resorts are welcoming guests with the hospitality the island is known for following the COVID-19 lockdown. There is ample evidence that the people of Jamaica are true to the national motto, “Out of Many, One People,” as the diverse population is eager to showcase the unique culture and energy of their island home.

Visitors from the US stay an average of one week, while those from other countries generally stay two weeks or longer. Among the wide variety of choices of accommodation are the high-end Tryall Club, a luxury venue that features villas capable of accommodating groups as well as tourists who value their privacy. A visit to the country’s capital city of Kingston is highly recommended as it features many shopping and dining opportunities as well as the National Gallery, one of the best exhibition venues in the Caribbean.

When guests are ready to depart, Jamaica is also very well prepared to comply with the new one-day COVID-19 testing requirement from the United States government and can help global travelers returning home and Jamaicans visiting the US to adhere to the rules. Jamaica has many testing locations with both then antigen and PCR tests at its airports and throughout the country, and many resorts and hotels have testing services available onsite, which makes it easy for visitors to depart at the end of their stay.

One especially important feature for visitors is that Jamaica offers pre-booking for return test, which ensures that their results are ready when they need to depart. Jamaica can provide this facility through its partnerships with three approved private labs: Get Well Labs, TSL, and Hospiten. Visitors can even schedule these tests before they even arrive on the island via the labs’ online booking platform.

Information Source: Forbes – Photo by Hazal Ozturk on Unsplash 

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