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The Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Task Force and the Jamaica Agricultural Society partner to host The Denbigh Symposium

The Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Task Force and the Jamaica Agricultural Society partner to host The Denbigh Symposium: 3 days of Sustainable and Organic Farming Workshops, Programs and Resources

The 64th Annual Denbigh Agricultural show, the oldest and largest agricultural event in the Caribbean, will take place in Clarendon, Jamaica from July 30 – August 1, 2016. The three-day event attracts over 100,000 patrons annually and provides exhibits and entertainment for Famers and their families.This year, the Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Task Force (JDAT) in partnership with the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) will host the Denbigh Symposium which is focused on workshops and training as part Denbigh.

The Denbigh Symposium will showcase the benefits that Organic and Sustainable agriculture can provide to Farmers.  The first day under the theme, “Grow More Food” will provide training on Sustainable farming techniques that can double production and save water.  The second day, “Make More Money” will highlight how best to access markets.  The third day “Get More Help” will feature programs and services targeted to Farmers. There will also be giveaways and raffles every day for workshop attendees as well as free refreshments.

Norman Grant, President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society and Chairman of the Denbigh Show Committee says, “the partnership with the Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Task Force and the JAS and Denbigh Show is a perfect fit and a Game Changer as this will open both Denbigh and our over 200,000 Farmers to the over 3 million Jamaicans living overseas. The focus on the Organic farming workshops at Denbigh will begin to prepare Jamaican Farmers to tap into this growing global market of US $40 billion of Organic food. The JAS is therefore, calling on Farmers to attend the workshops at the show.”

The Denbigh Symposium will be in area 10 next to the JAS Admin building, and close to the corner of Ivan Tomlinson Drive and Muirhead Drive, look for the Diaspora banner.

Members of the Diaspora traveling to Jamaica for Emancipation Day or Independence are invited to join JDAT at the Symposium and Denbigh to sample fresh Jamaican produce and witness the crowning of the first ever Champion Organic/Sustainable Farmer. The winner of the competition will receive US Organic certification.

The Diaspora Agriculture Task Force (JDAT) was established after the 6th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference in 2015 for individuals and organizations in the Diaspora and Jamaica to combine forces and make a positive impact on Jamaica’s agricultural sector. It is committed to promoting and accelerating organic and sustainable farming practices, bolstering food security and creating new markets for Jamaican farmers.

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