Jamaica Diaspora Board Welcomes New Members

Jamaica Diaspora
Election for members of the Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board for the Northeast, Southeast, and West/Mid-West regions has ended, and the new members are ready to take on their roles. In accordance with the election process, Jamaicans and individuals of Jamaican descent were invited to participate by reviewing candidates’ biographies and voting for their choices. The candidate who receives the majority of votes becomes the duly elected Diaspora Advisory Board Representative, while the candidate receiving the second-highest vote total becomes the Alternate Advisory Board Member. The new Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board Representative for the Northeast Region is Akelia Lawrence-Maitland. The alternate for this region is Ronald Ingleton. The new Advisory Board Representative for the Southeast Region is Wayne C. Golding, Sr., Esq., while the region’s alternate is Oliver Falloon-Reid. The newly elected Advisory Board Representative for the West/Mid-West Region is Dr. Rupert Francis. The alternate is Marie Kellier.

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