Jamaica Eases Rules for Fully Vaccinated Travelers

Jamaica is no longer requiring vaccinated visitors who test negative for COVID-19 to quarantine. The nation was one of the first destinations in the Caribbean to re-open to tourists in 2020, but the re-opening was contingent on certain restrictions. These included limiting their visits to the specific areas within what is known as the “resilient corridor.” This referred to low-risk COVID-19 zones bounded by a line from Negril to Port Antonio on the east and from Negril to the southern portion of Jamaica. The area within these boundaries could be visited by tourists without quarantining. However, unvaccinated people who stayed outside of the zones were mandated to quarantine for as long as 14 days, while vaccinated travelers outside the zones had to quarantine for eight days.

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced a change in the country’s COVID-19 protocols that dropped the quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated travelers who are staying outside the resilient corridor was dropped as of November 18, 2021, if they tested negative test for the virus within three days of their visit to the island.

Because of the change, all travelers and tourists who are vaccinated can now visit all parts of Jamaica as long as they are tested before they depart for the island and test negative. Those who are unvaccinated will still need to quarantine for 14 days regardless of their test results if they are staying outside the resilient corridor.

Most of the businesses, hotels, and resorts in Jamaica are currently operating at total capacity, but COVID-19 remains a grave issue, especially in the capital city of Kingston. There is a nationwide curfew in effect from 9 pm to 5 am in force until December 9, 2021. Additionally, nightclubs are closed, and there is a ban on beach parties, festivals, and concerts. Restaurants and bars are operating at half-capacity, in accordance with the latest advice from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office.

The testing rules for Jamaica apply to all individuals aged 12 and older, and all travelers must complete a Travel Authorization Form prior to their departure for Jamaica.

Photo – Deposit Photo