I AM JAMAICA ‘Edutainment’ by Dr Sue

Dr Sue

It is here….’I am Jamaica’ – a must have for all Jamaicans – born, honorary or ‘wanna be!’

As with her previous releases, expect to be educated, entertained and inspired in a series of intimate gatherings where author and educator Dr Sue will present and sign her new book, I am Jamaica. The book is a tribute and a celebration of Jamaican culture and heritage lovingly infused in a collection of performance style pieces with foreword from author and folklorist, Father Easton Lee.

“These poems give you a good glimpse of Jamaica’s rich  and varied lore and legends and a  good introduction of the latest continuing development in one aspect – that is our language and manner of speaking – continuing Dr. Sue’s effort.  This volume then, is something every Jamaican ‘born and grow’ anyone with Jamaican heritage of whatever ilk living anywhere, or anyone with an interest in Jamaica, should read – in fact ‘de whola unno, shoulda read.’ You will be greatly entertained and informed” – Father Easton Lee.

‘I am Jamaica,’ gives voice to events common to the Jamaican experience.  From the recently released piece Emancipendance’ which speaks to Jamaica’s celebration of emancipation and independence, to ’24 Hour in History’ which chronicles President Obama’s visit to Jamaica in 2015, the pieces capture the history of the island.  There are pieces on ‘We Heroes,’ ‘We Flag,’ ‘Christmas’ and ‘Easter’ to name a few.

Dr. Sue, a performer, writer, poet, and educator, is known locally, nationally and internationally, for her body of work and her service and support for children in Jamaica through educational and social service initiatives.

Part proceeds from the book will be provided to support the ‘Nuh Guh Deh  – Protect Them’ campaign, which seeks to bring awareness to the plight of children in Jamaica and the diaspora who are victims of child sexual abuse, in the hopes of eradication.

The book is available online at;, and

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