Jamaica Independence day Honored with Google Doodle

Jamaica Independence day was honored on Google’s homepage today, with a Doodle showcasing the Jamaican flag. Below is the message on the Google Doodle page.

Today’s Doodle celebrates Jamaica’s Independence Day, an annual holiday that commemorates the Caribbean island’s establishment as a sovereign nation on this day in 1962. Following the passage of legislation that made independence official, Jamaica hoisted its national flag for the first time. 

Depicted in the Doodle artwork, the Jamaican flag is the only flag in the world that is not adorned with red, white, or blue. Instead, the national symbol features a golden cross on the center, creating two black and two green triangles. This distinctive design was chosen in a national contest and earned this flag the nickname “The Cross.” The flag’s colors have their own symbolic meanings: green represents the Jamaican island itself, gold symbolizes the sun that shines onto it, and black signifies the peoples’ strength in the face of hardship.  

Happy Jamaican Independence Day!

Google’s homepage is one of the most viewed on the Internet, and the firm uses the page to draw attention to historic events, celebrations, and other matters of note. These drawings are changed regularly.

Photo –  Google Doodle