Jamaica LAMP seems to be lamping me?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
Hi! I went to lamp to get a title for a piece of land. I paid $134000.00 so far and I still don’t get the title as yet, although I was told that it would be cheaper through LAMP.
Someone was supposed to go and do the valuation – he did not go but he submitted a value of $900000.00 and that the transfer tax is $60,000.00 which I am to pay.
No one else has paid that kind of money. I know he did not go because my sister would have to take him to the place and he did not call her.
What can I do to get a fair price? That valuation is from 2009 – they said because I didn’t pay the $60,000.00 on the transfer duty in time it doubled to $120,000.
I tried so hard to get them to drop the price to no avail and now I don’t know how much I am going to pay for the actual title. If you can please help me.

RESPONSE: Dear Clarice
The situation you outlined seems abnormal and before anything can be done, thorough research is needed. For example it is unlikely that you will be asked to pay $60,000.00 on property valued at $900,000.00.
OUr team can assist with initial research before you are otherwise put on any path.
Legal Wiz


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