Jamaica Listed Among 17 Countries Editors of Travel + Leisure Magazine Want to Visit Once They Can Travel Again

Jamaica Listed among 17 Countries Editors of Travel+Leisure Want to Visit Once They Can Travel Again

The editors of Travel + Leisure Magazine, who have been unable to pursue their love for travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have turned their attention to identifying the countries they would choose to visit once everyone is given the all-clear to do so without fear of contracting the deadly disease. The editors, who suggest that the time in quarantine can be used to research and plan a future trip, created a list of the 17 countries they chose, and Jamaica was the choice of Travel+Leisure photo editor Skye Senterfeit.

Senterfeit said that a long-planned vacation to Jamaica will make that nation a priority destination. The editor particularly cited looking forward to a stay at the Skylark, lots of time on the beach, “lots of rum punch,” and listening to live music. Senterfeit added that hopes include spending “as much time on the beach as I’m currently spending in my apartment.”

The other 16 destinations selected by the editors included the Caribbean locations of Bermuda and Puerto Rico; several European locations like London, Paris, Rome, Italy, Santorini, Sicily, and Copenhagen; destinations in the US chosen by the editors included Palm Springs, Texas, New Orleans “with a side of Houston,” and a cross-country road trip across the US to visit “the vastness” of its national parks as an antidote to having to stay inside for so long. Other editors said they would like to visit “the beach, any beach.”

Photo and Information Source: Deposit Photos, T+L

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