Jamaica Listed as Easy Country for US Citizens to Enter

Every country outside the United States offers American travelers a chance to experience different cultures and environments, but some countries make it easier for US tourists to visit than others. Some countries do not allow US visitors to get visas, for example, or they may technically provide visas but make the application process so difficult as to effectively preclude entry.

Jamaica is one of the easy countries, and in fact, the island nation has seen record high numbers of US visitors in recent years according to The Travel website. Travelers from the United States find it very easy to visit Jamaica as the country requires no visas and only a passport is necessary for entry. Additionally, US visitors can stay in Jamaica for up to a year. The island’s inviting nature stems from its strong position in the tourism industry, which provides considerable fuel for its economy. Most of Jamaica’s tourists are Americans who are eager to visit its world-famous beaches and to enjoy its laid-back atmosphere.

The Caribbean nations of Bermuda and Barbados are also very easy for Americans to visit. Other nations that make visits by US tourists easy include Thailand, Kenya, Canada, Mexico, The Maldives, France, and the United Kingdom.

Iran is the most difficult country for Americans to visit. Its relationship with the US in the past has been marked by conflict, and the present political situation continues to have a negative impact on travel from the US. The country presents numerous obstacles to travel, and the process to obtain a visa is very slow. The fact that there is no Iranian Embassy in the US is one such difficulty, and additionally, US travelers must meet many criteria if they are to avoid disqualification for visa approval.

Other countries that are much too difficult for Americans to enter include Cuba, Syria, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Afghanistan: Algeria, Iraq, and Russia.

Source: The Travel