Jamaica Ranks Third in Caribbean Tourist Arrivals, Cuba has Double-digit Growth

Jamaica 3rd most visitors in Caribbean

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) ranked Jamaica as third in the number of tourist arrivals for 2015. Cuba saw a spike in visitors with a double-digit growth rate that represented the largest uptick of the year in the Caribbean. The tourist arrival rate in Cuba rose by 17.4 percent over other countries in the Caribbean region with the country hosting over 3.2 million visitors in 2015. In terms of the actual number of visitor stop-overs for the year, Cuba came in second to the Dominican Republic, which retained its lead with over 5.5 million visitor arrivals; however, this represented a growth rate of just 8.9 percent over 2014. Aruba and Barbados had tourist arrival increases of 15 percent over 2014, while Haiti showed an increase of 11 percent. Jamaica achieved its third-place ranking by welcoming over 2.1 million stop-over visitors in 2015. The CTO ranked the Bahamas and Puerto Rico fourth and fifth, respectively, with more than 1.2 million visitors in 2015.

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