Jamaica Sprint Factory Does It Again, Four Jamaicans Set Record in 4×200 at Armory Invitational

Four Jamaican born sprinters who live in the United States set a new national record in the 4×200-meter relay at the 2016 Armory Track and Field Invitational competition in New York. The Jamaicans ran the distance in one minute and 25.69 seconds, taking the victory over the second-place U.S., the Dominican Republic, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and France, which finished in third, fourth, fifth, and sixth places, respectively. Comprised of college graduates, the record-setting Jamaican team included Romel Lewis and Rayon Lawrence of Maryland, Kevin Thompson of New Jersey, and Rushane Scott of Las Vegas. The team members had met just two days before the competition and practice for less than a day before their historic victory. Coach Dalton Evans who built the team promised a win in the event, and DJ Jabba of Jam Radio also predicted that the Jamaicans would win. While encouraging Jamaicans to come and support the team, Jabba stated that “every Jamaican can run. It’s not just Bolt and Shelly-Ann.”

Photo Source: Rushane Scott 

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