Jamaica Wins 2022 JCI Conference of the Americas English Debating Championship

Jamaica Wins 2022 JCI Conference of the Americas English Debating Championship

Team Junior Chamber International (JCI) Jamaica is the winner of the 2022 English Debating Championship by the JCI Conference of the Americas. In winning the 2022 award, JCI Jamaica retained its title, having previously won the English Debating Championship in 2021. Jamaica’s team included members Reneil Clarke, Marklon Bedward, and Dane Egla. The competition was held in Curaçao, where the JCI Dutch Caribbean and JCI Willemstad welcomed over 400 young people from the Americas and the Caribbean. It was the third time Curaçao hosted the event. The JCI has had an active role in Curaçao since 1961.

The 2022 area conference team included Director Shaneida Alcendor, Treasurer Charyllu Ignecia, Secretary Shakira Albertoe, Logistics Director Priscella de Lannoy-Martines, Marketing Director Sulmahine Kwidama, and Director of Accommodation and F&B Ledrah Statie.

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JCI is a non-governmental nonprofit organization comprised of young individuals aged 18 to 40 in some 124 countries. The organization was established with a local Junior Chamber chapter in 1915, with the international JCI founded in 1944 and Mexico. The organization is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and numbered over 160,000 members in 2019. The JCI operates as a consultant with the Council of Europe, the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, and UNESCO. Its goal is to encourage youth to become active citizens participate in social and economic development in their home countries and working for international cooperation, goodwill, and understanding in the world.

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Local JCI organizations, referred to as “chapters” or “Local Organization Members (LOM), are overseen by a local board. Most activities occur at the local level. The chapters are members of the national organization, and various national members belong to Junior Chamber International. The international organization publishes a quarterly magazine in six languages and holds a World Congress annually in November.

Congratulations to the team for a job well done!

Photo – JCI Jamaica and Antonia Valaire

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