Jamaica Wins Most Medals Per Capita At Rio 2016 Olympics Beating The USA 11 To 1.2 Ratio


Although I am bogged down in the midst of our 35th International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA), which is just around the corner, October 2nd at Coral Springs center for the Arts in Florida, I am compelled to take a moment to draw attention about an aspect of Jamaica’s major per capita win that’s not been mentioned or talked about.

Putting things in proper perspective on a per capita basis; our United States, with a population of 300.16 million and Jamaica with a population of 2.7 million; the USA walked away with 121 medals compared to Jamaica’s 11 medals at the closing of the 2016 Rio Olympic. However, based on population, Jamaica is the runaway winner.

For simplicity, let’s average the United States population at 300,000 million and Jamaica’s population at 3 million. The fact is clear, Jamaica with its captain Usain Bolt and all the Island Olympians came up the big winner with the most medals; Jamaica 11 to USA 121 on a per capita basis. Nevertheless, winning medals at the Olympics is not viewed on a per capita basis, but this is to further highlight the significance of the little “Rock” Jamaica, land of reggae, home of Marcus Mosiah Garvey and Bob Marley, among other great world achievers.

Jamaica is always Irie! Worldwide it is known as one of the best tourist destination. Now with this runaway winning of medals, Jamaica is now the best and most important tourist and business destination! So yes, Jamaica “Wi Little But Wi Tallawah”! And now President Obama has the answer to his question “Wah Gwaan Jamaica?” JAMAICA IS THE WINNER!

With that being said, the USA’s outstanding 121 medals, with record setting, record breaking milestone events and history-making victories, cannot be discounted and must be celebrated as the greatest country in the Olympics. The above remarks are intended only to highlight the size of Jamaica and to imagine what could have happen if its population was equivalent to this country.  We didn’t include other major countries; as they would be completely crushed by Jamaica in a per capita consideration.  Smile Jamaica, we love you!

About the Author
Ephraim Martin is a former photo-journalist, who worked with the Daily Gleaner and Daily Star newspapers, along with the Daily Defender in Jamaica and Chicago in the mid1970s and the 1980s. Since 1982, he has been producing Reggae, Jamaica, Caribbean and African music and cultural events. Visit www.martinsinternational.com or email: [email protected]

Photo Source: Asafa Powell Facebook