This month our regular columnist Philip Dinham writes on "Jamaica’s own bargain online marketplace" .

Jamaica’s New E-bay

Jamaica’s own bargain online marketplace

“No where better than Yard”, Introducing, a new website which allows you the opportunity to exchange your quality used goods for great prices. which was launched this January 2005; is a web service solution which offer savvy internet users a way to beat the high cost of new merchandise. Computers, furniture, toys, books, cars and a whole lot more. You name it; you can find it online at real time marketplace. Browse around and you’re sure to find unbeatable sales which suit your taste and your pocket.

The online marketplace allows anyone from anywhere in the world including Jamaicans at home and abroad to be able to sell or purchase at your convenience, the most precious items at no special charge.

The brain child of Jamie Ranston, General Manager Webfx; the new web innovation has been welcomed as the way for thrifty Jamaicans to make a buck or two while trading memorabilia and consumer goods which remain in good condition.

If you are paranoid about online trading, has gone out of their way to make the process easy for you. Here are words of wisdom to your most pressing questions.

How do I make an offer on a listing?
To make an offer on a listing you must first register with Once you have completed and submitted the registration form you will receive an email with your account log-in details. Use your username and password to log in to Next, select the item you wish to purchase then fill in the “Make an Offer” section and then click “Send”.

How do you sell an item?
To open a listing you must first register with Once you have completed and submitted the registration form you will receive an email with your account log-in details. You will use your username and password to log in to Next, select the “Sell” button and follow the step by step instructions for the listing process.

How do I make a payment? is a facilitator of sales between parties. They act solely as an intermediary between Sellers and Buyers and do not provide an escrow service. That is, they only provide a medium for presentation of and communication about items for sale. You the buyer have to work with the Seller to determine the most convenient method and means of payment for merchandise purchased.

What are your fees for selling an item?
Currently, all services on are offered free of charge.

Here are a few fun Questions the owners of this new trendy website answered about their awesome web based project.

Q. When did you officially launch

Wednesday, January 12, 2005.

Q. Is this a business start up, what motivated you to start this small business, whose idea was is the brainchild of our General Manager, Jamie Ranston. It is one of the many web-based projects that our creative web development team has conceptualized. We are constantly thinking of dynamic ways to use the Internet to meet people’s needs and this is how was conceptualized.

Q. Do you have experience with internet technology and web based business?

Yes, WebFX has been in business for 15 years.

Q. What would you compare the functions of this web site with, and who will it appeal to?

We would compare it to E-bay. It would appeal to locals who have used goods to sell but may find it too expensive to advertise and do not want the trouble of having their own yard sale (garage sale). We have done the leg work for them – all they have to do is post the information.

Q. Have you put together a marketing and advertising campaign?

Yes, we have been doing our online marketing through Digital Direct, another one of our web projects. (Digital DIRECT is a superior email marketing solution that offers a fast and affordable way to keep company’s clients up to date with the latest product news. Our comprehensive mailing lists allow company’s to rapidly communicate their message to over 5,000 consumers throughout Jamaica.)

We also use word of mouth advertising as well as make use of alliances with specific clients, e.g. radio stations who can promo the site.

Q. When you say all services are offered free, is there any conditions or limits and will this be a short term policy?

Listing will always be free, but in the next 6 months we will charge for value added services.

So get together your arts and antiques, books, clothing, computers, consumer electronics, toys, jewelry, watches, DVDs, CD’s, camera’s, stamps, sporting cards, you name it, will help you trade them for big bucks.

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