Jamaican American Actress Lands Role in New Off-Broadway Musical

Jamaican American Actress Lands Role in New Musical Dianne Dixon

Jamaican American stage actress Dianne Dixon is the star of the new Off-Broadway musical “Falling in Love with Mr. Dellamort,” which is playing at the Slipper Room in the Lower East Side. The show was performed on December 6 and 13, 2017, and has another performance scheduled for December 20.

Dixon’s role in the musical is much different from her “real life” personality off-stage. According to Dixon, “The character I play is nothing like me and is actually the opposite — she is supposed to be this over-the-top and sexy seductress, and I’m very shy,”

The play tells the story of Mr. Dellamort, a “man of mystery,” and three guests staying at his South Carolina inn. These three guests have a romantic interest in him, and Dixon’s character – Mina Thompson, a woman in her sixties who presents herself as someone younger – is one of the suitors. Dixon was attracted to the script because of its humor and because it gives her a chance to try something different. She says the script is so funny that she and her castmates were all “cracking up” at rehearsals.

It has not been easy for Dixon to break into the theater, performing chiefly in Caribbean plays, trying to work her way up in her acting career while keeping a day job. Now, she is an up-and-coming actress who has made appearances in “Naisula” and “Hair’itage: The Play” earlier in 2017. Dixon has credited her publicists at Sure Thing Productions for booking her auditions and being the driving force in getting her photos and clips to casting directors.

She is hoping audiences will come to enjoy the light-hearted musical and give the little theater a chance to show what it can do. “It’s a beautiful story and it’s all about comedy and fun, and who doesn’t need a little laughter?” she said.

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