Jamaican American Listed in Essence Magazine “Sexy Black Men Who Travel” Feature

Essence Magazine has compiled a list of 13 sexy black men who travel the world. The magazine partnered with the travel professionals at Soul Society 101 to create the list. Among the 13 featured, is Jamaican American K. Jordan Mason, 30, who makes his home in Miami, Florida.

Mason’s favorite place to visit is Jamaica because it is his second home. His travel bucket list includes completing his itinerary of the Wonders of the World, including the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu in Peru, and the Taj Mahal in India. Mason’s favorite international food, beyond Jamaican national dishes, is Mansaf, a traditional dish served in Jordan made of lamb cooked in a fermented dried yogurt sauce and served with rice or bulgar.

He says that Haiti is the best place to travel on a budget as accommodations and flights there are inexpensive. Mason’s most inspiring travel experience occurred while he was traveling in Haiti and seeing people living in tents because of the earthquake six years before. Although these people are living in terrible conditions, they are happy and joyful, he says, which makes him appreciate everything he has in the US.

Mason’s choice for the most romantic place he has traveled is Paris, “the city of love.” His favorite travel secret is the Mobile Passport, an official app from the US Customs and Border Protection department that allows international travelers to skip the line at US customs.

The thing that Mason loves the most about traveling is the sense of adventure and freedom he feels getting away from “normal” life. He likes to experience different cultures and get to know the places he sees in magazines and online. He also likes trying new foods and meeting new people. The first trip Mason took in his life was a visit to Jamaica when he was two or three years old.

And his words to live by? “Dress well, take trips, post pics, stay out the mix.”

Photo Source:  K. Jordan Mason