Jamaican-American Math Teacher Wins Henry Ford Teacher Innovation Award

Fabian Reid, Jamaican Teacher wins award

Fabian Reid, a Jamaican-American math teacher in Guildford County, North Carolina, has received the Henry Ford Teacher Innovator Award. Reid is among ten teachers to be so honored. According to Reid, it’s important for him to “actually know the DNA of the student.” He makes an effort to understand the problems they are facing so he can reassure them that he recognizes and understands how they are trying to do the work. Reid says he is there to help, and his efforts are having an impact: his students are among the highest scorers in Guilford County. The Henry Ford Teacher Innovator Award is given to teachers who demonstrate resourcefulness, ingenuity, and creativity in their approach to learning. These teachers are recognized for using the classroom to inspire problem solving, critical thinking, innovation and creativity in their students.

Photo Credit:Guilford County Schools

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