Jamaican Culture: Big Bwoy


Big Bwoy is humorous lead character of the Jamaican big bwoy (boy) stories. Most of the stories are naughty and adult in nature. Some are about trickery and deceit. Here are two clean big bwoy jokes.

When Big Bwoy Grow Up
Teacher went around class, asking students what they want to be when they grow up. Iceylyn: I want to be a shapkeepah (teacher nods), Aloysius: I want to be a fahmah (teacher nods), Hepsi: I want to be a maddah, ‘ousewife, wid 5 children (teacher stops nodding, and turns to Big Boy) — Big an’ dumb, wid a horny grin on him face: “An’ I, I want to be di faddah ah Hepsi pickni dem!”

Big Bwoy Drawing
One day bigboy go a school an di teacher say
everybaddy fi draw sup n
So when di teacha luk pan everybaddy drawing
Di teacha seh good good
Den when it reach to bigboy him come up an di teacha dey dey a luuk pan di paypa an seh
but bigboy mi no see nutn me ongle see waan likkle dat.
So hair bigboy him now yes teacha es a plane but it dey far out u caaan seet.

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