Jamaican Dr. Guy Harvey Wins International Golden Compass Award for 2016

Guy Harvey

Dr. Guy Harvey, a scientist, artist, conservationist and entrepreneur, has been honored by Seafarers’ House with its 2016 International Golden Compass Award. Dr. Harvey was recognized for his contributions and efforts toward the conservation of ocean and marine life. Dr. Harvey grew up on Jamaica’s south coast, a 10-generation Jamaican of English descent. He became an angler, diver, marine biologist and conservationist, as well as a self-taught artist who shows his lobe of the sea through drawings and videos. He has exhibited his work in top galleries worldwide and developed entrepreneurial businesses that include signature merchandise, a restaurant, and eco-friendly resorts. His business interest licensees are required to allocate part of their profits to support ocean conservation groups, including the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and the Guy Harvey Research institute, which he established. Among Dr. Harvey’s contributions toward ocean protection, research and education are raising more than $2 million for state research programs in South Carolina and Florida, “Protect Our Oceans” license plates in Florida, and the creation of the Guy Harvey Reef, also in Florida. He has helped to pass legislation in the Bahamas and the United States that protects endangered species and conserves marine environments.

Photo Source: Guy Harvey

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