Jamaican Entrepreneur in the U.S. Creates an Innovative Wearable Pillow

Jamaican Entrepreneur in the US Creates an Innovative Wearable Pillow

The idea for the unique new ComfortNCuddly Wearables pillow came to Jamaican inventor, O’Shane Whyte, in response to his habit of falling asleep on the couch. The serial entrepreneur wanted to create a product that was useful, comfortable and portable that could be used in multiple venues.

“I thought, how can I make an all-in-one sporty travel décor pillow with a stowed-away blanket inside?” said Whyte.

A serial entrepreneur, he’s owned a curbside pickup record shop and a dog grooming/breeding service prior to his current endeavor. At the age of 24, he immigrated to the U.S. from Jamaica to attend college.

O'Shane O.J Whyte

O’Shane O.J Whyte

ComfortNCuddly Wearables provides a fashionable travel pillow with a zippered opening that contains a color coordinated, lightweight blanket. It’s ideal for napping at home and it’s equally appropriate for traveling by train, plane, bus, or automobile. Made of 100 percent cotton, the pillow measures a comfortable 18×14 in size and retains its shape, even when the blanket is removed. The blanket is 72×48 inches and great for a child’s sleep over.

The pillow is available in red with a black blanket; blue pillow with blue blanket; purple pillow with a navy blue blanket; and cream with a brown blanket. They’re fully washable and each pillow comes with a handy strap that enables individuals to wear it across the body or on the shoulder when transporting it or to hang it out of the way when not in use.

A waterproof pillow is also available in red with a red mat that’s appropriate for a variety of outdoor activities. The waterproof version can be used while camping, boating, hiking, and at the beach or poolside. It just requires a wipe down to keep it clean and fresh. The PVC coating is waterproof, anti-fungal, and fire-retardant. The breathable fabric won’t aggravate allergies.

The pillows by ComfortNCuddly Wearables provide versatility, convenience and comfort in multiple environments. The products have proven to be immensely popular with travelers.

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