Jamaican Entrepreneurship: A review of the characteristics, traits and ideas underlying the success of some of the island’s most successful entrepreneurs. – Book Review

About the Book

What makes an entrepreneur? Who are some of Jamaica’s most successful entrepreneurs? What did they accomplish and how did they do it? What traits did they have in common? What obstacles did they overcome? What can we learn from these entrepreneurs?

This book sheds light on entrepreneurship in a small, less developed, island economy also known as a small island developing state (SIDS). It analyzes the factors that contributed to their success and provides recommendations to ignite a struggling economy.

Looking at the impressive contributions of Jamaican expatriates across the world, Dr. Laman argues convincingly that there is something about Jamaican culture that supports an entrepreneurial outlook. He maintains that if Jamaican entrepreneurs could direct their energies and efforts internally – efforts employed so effectively abroad – Jamaica would experience a big economic boost.  – J. Davidson Frame, PhD, PMP, PMI Fellow. Academic Dean, University of Management and Technology

“This book will forever change your attitude about how to never give up and that one can be and do just about anything, if you put your mind to it. Enjoy and be inspired!!” – Mauvalyn M. Bowen, PhD,  Assistant Professor, Forbes School of Business-Ashford University, San Diego, CA. & Former Head, Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership, UTech, Jamaica.



Dr. Laman has written an extremely entertaining, well-researched and informative book that should be required reading for every young Jamaican (and, indeed, all young people). The book provides both inspiration as well as a road map for achieving entrepreneurial success, using powerful real-live examples of Jamaican success stories.  It is a very important and timely addition to the existing literature.”— Dr. David Panton, Private Equity Investor and Adjunct  Professor, Emory University Goizueta’s Business School

What is thoroughly enjoyable about this book is that although the premise is a review of Jamaican entrepreneurship, suggesting a stringent academic text, Dr. Laman’s writing style is at once solidly analytical and entertaining. His entrepreneurs introduce us to the diverse and essential social, cultural and political elements that underpin the Jamaican experience.

        These entrepreneurs, by their very character, defy the reality that surrounds them and single mindedly pursue their aspirations undaunted by obstacles, sabotage and failure but always supported by a nucleus of family and friends to cheer them on. They are like entrepreneurs anywhere, impacting our world but in a uniquely Jamaican way. This is an inspiring book that you will want to refer to again and again. — Gloria Hobbins, Founder and PresidentGlobal Village Travels, Somerset, NJ

The success profiles were real page turners. Inspiring and motivating, they provide proof that you can rise above your circumstances and achieve success by determination, vision and hard work. Jamaican Entrepreneurship should be required reading for every student.— Carole Brown, Retired educator, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Dr. Laman’s very in-depth study of Jamaica’s entrepreneurial achievements internationally, and at home, implies that Jamaica requires a new long-term economic strategy, one which is based on nurturing and fostering “opportunity” entrepreneurship throughout the island.— George Meikle, Author, In Praise of Jamaica

I believe that my being asked to read Jamaican Entrepreneurship must have been part of a greater design. As part owner of a family-run business, the lessons I learned from the book kept me going when faith was beginning to waiver and my courage waning. It underscored the fact that entrepreneurship is not for the fainthearted and major success requires calculated risk, belief in self, great partnerships and hard work.— Maxine McDonnough, Manager Jamaican Epicurean Escape

This is a book with compelling stories of many Jamaican entrepreneurs who have started from humble beginnings, but with hard work dedication and a sense of hope and pride turned their passion and dreams into reality. It is a powerful case for micro, small and medium enterprises, with a bonus: It makes an interesting and motivating read. It is certainly a good guide for those people who want to make a difference in their lives by being independent and resilient and wanting to become an entrepreneur or a business owner.

        I find this book to be a valuable and readable contribution to the growing and hot area of entrepreneurship and small business development. It clearly demonstrates some of the major characteristics and traits that it takes to be successful in business. As a business and entrepreneurship educator, I am convinced that this book will assist in promoting entrepreneurism in students in any field of study regardless of their career aspirations. Hence I recommend this book as a useful and relevant supplement to the Entrepreneurship for the Caribbean Textbook that is being written for the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examination course in Entrepreneurship.

This book will forever change your attitude about how to never give up and that one can be and do just about anything, if you put your mind to it. Enjoy and be inspired!  — Mauvalyn M. Bowen, PhD, Assistant Professor, Forbes School of BusinessAshford University, San Diego, CAFormer Head, Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship, Ethics Leadership, UTech, Jamaica

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About the Author

Glen Laman is a graduate of the University of Management and Technology (UMT) in the USA with a doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). He is also a certified Project Manager (PMP) and has an extensive career in corporate America as an Information Technology and Business Project Manager. He has worked for major corporations such as the Coca-Cola Company, JC Penney and AT&T.

His early exposure to entrepreneurship came when his father operated a small restaurant in Jamaica’s capital, Kingston. His brothers had a produce store and a business that sold equipment and spices to the island’s bakeries and he recalls that they would drive around the island attempting to collect on overdue invoices.

After high school, he migrated to the USA where after college he embarked on a career in Information Technology working for several Fortune 100 companies as a programmer and project manager.  But the pull of entrepreneurship was strong and he eventually started a restaurant and an import business.

Forty years after obtaining his undergraduate degree, he earned a doctorate in business administration from the University of Management and Technology.  He wrote the book, Jamaican Entrepreneurship: A review of the characteristics, traits and ideas of some of the island’s most accomplished entrepreneurs, the research for which was used in his dissertation. It is the first study of its kind to conduct an analysis of the characteristics of Jamaican entrepreneurs.

Dr. Laman has won several awards for community service and is active in the Jamaican Diaspora in Atlanta, Georgia.