Directory of Jamaican High Schools

Here is a comprehensive list of all the Jamaican High Schools. The list includes the school’s address and phone number. Please note the Principal names may not be updated. Some of the Jamaican High Schools websites are for their alumni associations.

Ardenne High
10 Ardenne Rd., Liguanea, Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 927-8138
Principal Name: Mrs Esther Tyson Year Founded: 1927

Balaclava High
(876) 963-2223

Belair High
43 DeCarteret Road, Mandeville, Jamaica W.I.
Principal Name: Mrs. Sylvan Shields

Bellefield Comp
Williamsfield, Manchester, Jamaica
Principal Name: Mrs. Elsie Thompson Year Founded: 1969

Bishop Gibson High (All Girl School)
3 Newleigh Road, Mandeville, Jamaica, W.I.
(876) 962-2188
Principal Name: Mrs. Bridgette Gordon Year Founded: 1962

Bridgeport High
Portmore, St Catherine, Jamaica, W.I.
(876) 988-4489
Principal Name: Aston Messam Year Founded: 1978

Buff Bay High
Kildare District, Buff Bay, Portland, Jamaica. W.I.
(876) 996-1586
Principal Name: Ms. Nadine Molloy Year Founded: 1969

Calabar High
61 Red Hills Road, Kingston 20, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 924-1408
Principal Name: Mr. Lloyd Bryan Year Founded: 1912 Alumni Website 1:

Camperdown High School
6b Camperdown Road Kingston 16
+1 876-928-1027

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Campion College
105 Hope Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica, W.I.
(876) 928-2648


Principal Name: Mr. Radley Reid Year Founded: 1960

Charlemont High
Linstead, St. Catherine, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 985 3307/3308
Principal Name: Ralph Williams Year Founded: 1978

Charlie Smith High
Ninth St. Kingston 12, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 922-4992

Clan Carthy High
1 Deanery Rd Kgn 3, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 928-2008

Clarendon College
Chapelton, Clarendon, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 987-2213…
Principal Name: Mr William B Willis Year Founded: 1942

Convent of Mercy (Alpha Academy)
26 South Camp Road, Kingston 4, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 928-1342

Cornwall College
Orange Street, Montego Bay, St James, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 952-2406


Principal Name: Mr Denham McIntyre, Esq. Year Founded: 1896

DeCarteret College
Wint Road, Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica
(876) 962-2546
Principal Name: Mr. Millard McLeod

Denbigh High
9 ackson Street, Clarendon, Jamaica W.I.

Dinthill Technical
Jamaica W.I.
(876) 985-2274
Principal Name: Dennis Clarke Year Founded: 1938

Donald Quarrie Comprehensive High Sch
Caribbean Terr, Kgn 17, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 928-7505

Dunoon Park Technical
8 Cawley Road, Kingston 2, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 928-1137
Dunrobin High
15 Dunrobin Av Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 924-2055

Edwin Allen High
Frankfield, Clarendon, Jamaica W.I.
Principal Name: Everton Walters Year Founded: 1964

Excelsior High
137 Mountain View Ave., Kingston 3, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 928-5079
Principal Name: Mrs.Beverley Wilson-Principal Year Founded: 1931

Ferncourt High
Claremont, St. Ann, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 972-3221
Principal Name: Mrs Veronica Archer Year Founded: 1938

Frome Technical High
Frome, Westmoreland, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 955-6447

Garvey Maceo Comprehensive
Jamaica W.I.

Glenmuir High
May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 986-2372/2538
Principal Name: Mr. Clement Radcliffe Year Founded: 1958

Green Island High
Green Island, Hanover, Jamaica W.I.

Guy’s Hill High
Guys Hill, St Catherine, Jamaica W.I.

Hampton High
Malvern, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 966-5115

Happy Grove High
Happy Grove, Portland
(876) 993-0574

Herbert Morrison Technical
Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 952-5388/4985
Principal Name: Mr. J. Lloyd Whinstanley Year Founded: 1976

Holmwood Technical
Christiana, Manchester, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 964-2266
Alumni Website 1:

Holy Childhood High
9 Skibo Ave., Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 926-2171
Principal Name: Sister James Marie, FMS Year Founded: 1937

Hopewell High School
Hopewell, Hanover, Jamaica

Holy Trinity
10 George Headley Drive, Kingston 4, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 922-3395

Immaculate Conception
52C Spring Road, Kingston 8, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 924-1719
Principal Name: Sister Mary Catherine Aarons

Innswood High
Jamaica W.I.

Jamaica College
189 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 977-2314
Year Founded: 1789

Jonathan Grant High
1a White Church St, Spanish Town, St Catherine, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 984-3330
Principal Name: Mrs. Cortis Nolan Year Founded: 1980 Alumni Website 1: http://www.jonathangranthi…

Jose Marti Technical
Twickenham Park, Spanish Town, St. Cath., Ja W.I.
(876) 984-2632
Year Founded: 1977 (?)

Kingston College
2A North St., Kingston, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 927-6238
Principal Name: Mr. Everton Burrell Year Founded: 1925 Alumni Website 1:…

Kingston Technical
82 Hanover St., East Kingston, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 922-1170
Principal Name: Georgette Palmer Year Founded: 1896

Knox College
Christiana, Clarendon, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 987-8015
Year Founded: 1947

Lacovia High
Jamaica W.I.

Lennon High
Jamaica W.I.

Maggotty High
Jamaica W.I.

Manchester High
P.O. Box 137, Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 962-3461
Principal Name: Branford Gayle

Manning’s High
Beckford Street, Savanna-la mar, Westmoreland
(876) 955-2634
Principal Name: Mr B White Year Founded: 1738

Marcus Garvey Technical
St. Ann, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 972-2237

Marymount High
St Mary, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 992-2274

Maud McLleod Comprehensive
Jamaica W.I.

Meadowbrook High
2 Meadowbrook Ave., Kingston 19, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 941-0390

Merl Grove High
77 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 925-7585

Merlene-Ottey Comprehensive

Moldon Comprehensive and Junior High
Summer Hill District, Point P.O. St James, Jamaica W.I.

Montego Bay Comprehensive (now St James High)
Cottage Road, Montego Bay, St James, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 952-2940

Montego Bay High
51 Union Street, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 952-2574/2809…
Alumni Website 1:

Morant Bay High
7 Highbury Cres., Morant Bay, St. Thomas, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 982-2206
Year Founded: 1961

Mt Alvernia High
Queens Drive, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 952-2391/8547…
Year Founded: 1925 Alumni Website 1:

Munro College
St. Elizabeth, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 963-1402
Principal Name: Rev. Dr. Earle Hendricks Year Founded: 1856
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Mushette Comprehensive
Jamaica W.I.

Norman Manley High
Jamaica W.I.

Oberlin High School
Lawrence Tavern, St Andrew, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 942-6940
Principal Name: Miss Thelma James

Ocho Rios High
Jamaica W.I.

Old Harbour High
Jamaica W.I.

Port Maria High School
88 Stennett Street, P.O. Box 9, Port Maria, St. Mary, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 994-2450

Portland High
Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica W.I.

Priority High
Jamaica W.I.
Year Founded: 1944

Rusea’s Comprehensive High
Watson Taylor Drive, Lucea, Hanover, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 956-2275/3095
Principal Name: Mr. Bernard Donaldson Year Founded: 1777

St Andrew Technical
64 Spanish Town Road, Kingston 13, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 923-7107
Principal Name: Mrs. Curline V. Christie Year Founded: 1961 Alumni Website 1: http://www.stathsne…

St Catherine High
35 St John\’s Road, Spanish Town, St Catherine
(876) 981-8209
Year Founded: 1949

St Elizabeth Technical
Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica W.I.
Principal Name: Dorothy Samuda Year Founded: 1961

St George’s College
CSO Box 8038, Kingston, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 922-4072
Principal Name: Mr. Lloyd Fearon Year Founded: 1850

St Hilda’s High
St. Christopher\’s Road, Brown\’s Town, St. Ann, Jamaica W.I.
Principal Name: Heather Reid-Johnson

St Hugh’s High
1 Leinster Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 926-8526
Principal Name: Deaconess Elaine Cunningham Year Founded: 1899 Alumni Website 1: http://shpsa.web…

St Jago High
Ravensworth, Monk Street, Spanish Town, St Catherine
(876) 984-4312/984-2265
Principal Name: Mrs. Sandra Swyer-Watson Year Founded: 1744

St Mary High
Highgate, St Mary, Jamaica W.I.
Principal Name: Ralston Smith

St Thomas Technical
Jamaica W.I.
(876) 982-2749

Tarrant Comprenhensive High
31 Molynes Rd, Kgn 10, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 754-6220

The Queen’s School for Girls
8 Central Ave., Kingston 8, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 924-6877
Year Founded: 1953
Titchfield High
Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 993-2618

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Tivoli Gardens Comp
Kingston 14, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 923-8469

Trench Town Comp
Kingston 12, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 922-2760
Principal Name: Mrs Grace Smith Year Founded: 1964

Vauxhall High
49 Windward Rd Kgn 2 Jamaica W.I.
(876) 928-2300

Vere Technical
Hayes, Clarendon, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 986-0570

Warren Hall High
Jamaica W.I.
Principal Name: Daniel Warren Kidd

Westwood High
Stewart Town, Trelawny, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 612-0307
Principal Name: Mrs. Eileen Piggott

William Knibb Memorial High
Falmouth, Trelawny, Jamaica W.I.
Principal Name: Mrs. Margaret Lee

Wolmers’ High for Boys
National Heroes Circular, Kingston 4, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 922-8678
Principal Name: Dave Myrie Year Founded: 1736

Wolmer’s High for Girls
2 Marescaux Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 922-4084
Principal Name: Pamella Harrison

Yallahs High
St. Thomas, Jamaica W.I.
Year Founded: 1967 Alumni Website 1:

York Castle High
Brown\’s Town, St Ann, Jamaica W.I.
(876) 975-2217
Principal Name: Mrs. Beverly Hawthorne