Jamaican Innovation to Help with Water Shortage in Flint, Michigan

Jamaican, Jovan Evans

Representatives of Servants Without Borders, a nonprofit based in Washington, DC, plans to visit Kingston to talk about supply chain issue with Jovan Evans, owner of AcquaFlow. They also are hoping to promote the #ShowerFlint campaign. The campaign is a joint effort between Servants Without Borders and Evans, who is a Branson Center of Entrepreneurship-Caribbean entrepreneur, as well as the creator of the Pump-n-Spray, a device designed for people who live in places without consistent access to running water. The Pump-n-Spray converts a 4-gallon or 5-gallon water bottle into a portable shower that provides the same pressure as a regular indoor shower. Servants Without Borders has worked with leaders in Flint, Michigan, to find ways to bring relief to the city’s residents who face a continuing water emergency. Members and volunteers have distributed almost 200 of the shower devices via crowdfunding efforts, and they plan a second distribution in a few weeks. The group has received over 450 requests for the portable shower from residents since March 22, 2016. To spread the word about the initiative, supporters can use the hashtag #ShowerFlint.

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