Jamaican Jephtah Thomas Awarded Bravery Citation by Florida Fire Department

Jephtah Thomas, 58, Jamaican-born resident of South Florida, received a civilian citation for bravery from the Plantation Fire Department for jumping into a canal to save a father and daughter after an auto accident in March 2016. Teophil Omegat and Vasthie, his daughter, were in serious trouble when their car crashed into the Sunshine Boulevard canal and began to sink. At about 7:15 AM, Omegat was driving his daughter to school when he lost control of his 1997 Toyota Previa and crashed into the canal. With water rushing inside, he lifted Vasthie, 10, high enough to keep her head above the water line. He attempted to keep her calm, all the while swallowing large amounts of the dirty canal water. Omegat said he told her, “Don’t worry, God is in the van. We’re not going to die.” Suddenly, they saw Thomas through the car window, and he pulled them to safety. “God sent Thomas,” Omegat said.

Photo Source: The City of Plantation Fire Department