GraceKennedy’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce Rated Best In Class

Grace Jamaican Jerk Sauce Seasoning

GraceKennedy, a company based in Kingston, Jamaica, is proud to announce that they have been listed as Amazon’s Choice for jerk sauce on the selling platform. Interestingly, it is also one of the most affordable jerk sauces, and certainly the one with the greatest number of positive reviews. The company says that this is a testament to the quality of the GraceKennedy sauce.

A representative for GraceKennedy says: “Lots of people think that they know jerk sauce. However, only those who have been to Jamaica and have tried it there truly know what it tastes like. Some of the products available on Amazon are good, but none are as good as ours. Made right here in Kingston, we make sure that this sauce is just like momma used to make it.”

To make sure that people get the most out of their jerk sauce, they are also provided with a free ebook with jerk recipes with every purchase. This sauce can be used on any kind of meat, including fish. However, few people know exactly how to make it come out properly and not be too overwhelming, which is where the recipes come in. The sauce is also available in mild and hot, for those who do not like it to burn too much.

Those who have tried the Grace jerk sauce have commented on how authentic it tastes and how good the flavors are. “Love, love this stuff. We were introduced to this in St. Lucia on our honeymoon at a local restaurant. This is a potent seasoning, more like a wet rub. Fantastic on grilled or baked meats. I have even added this to a barbeque sauce or a grocery store jerk liquid marinade to give it a strong kick. Never found a flavor quite like this. So unique and wonderful, we always get tons of compliments when we serve food cooked in this…,” says an Amazon customer.

The sauce has been popular on Amazon for quite some time, but now that it has been listed as Amazon’s Choice, it is likely to attract even more positive attention.

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