Jamaican Joke: Smartphone

There was Jamaican man who refused to buy a smartphone even though every he knew had one. Then one day he had a revelation after using a smartphone that convinced him that he had to get one. He was so excited about his new revelation he told it to a friend. Here is what he said:

“All di while mi hear dem a talk bout smart phone and Neva kno seh a so di sinting dem really sumart. Di edda day mi did waan call mi woman urgently, but Mi battery did dead, so mi beg waan bredda a call off a him smart phone. Me seh, mi shock when mi put in mi babes number in a di man phone , mi si di name come up as “babes”. All now mi still a wonder a how di phone know seh a mi baby mi a call. No sah, fly high or fly low, mi haffi get a smart phone fi 2017.

Photo by Alex Holyoake