Jamaican Man in Florida Hailed as Hero for Pulling Man, Daughter from Canal

Jephtah Thomas

Jamaica Jephtah Thomas, 58, of Plantation, Florida, became a hero during his morning commute when he jumped into a roadside canal and saved a man and his daughter from a van that was sinking in the water. The Plantation Fire Department called Thomas a hero for his spectacular efforts in rescuing the two people after their vehicle careened of the road and into the canal. According to Thomas, he was going to his job as a fitness equipment repairman at Lifetime Athletic Club in Boca Raton when he heard the splash. While he didn’t see the car go into the canal, the sound of the splash was enough to make him stop and investigate. He saw the car sinking into the water and called 911 immediately. When another person stopped to help, Thomas gave him the phone and went into the water. Because it was shallow in that part of the canal, Thomas was able to walk up to the partially submerged car, managed to get his fingers under the glass pane in the back window and pulled until it broke. The driver of the car helped to lift his 10-year-old daughter to safety, and then Thomas helped the father climb from the car. While the Fire Department was glad Thomas was there to help, it cautioned that doing what he did is risky and does not recommend individuals take such actions in general.

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