Jamaican Museum and Cultural Center Receives Prestigious Atlanta Caribbean Community Award

The Jamaican Museum and Cultural Center Inc (JMCC) recently received the outstanding Atlanta Caribbean Community award for excellent service in the community.

President of the JMCC, Dr. Apollone Reid stated` that the organization was honored to be recognized by such a prestigious committee, while sharing the stage with exceptional philanthropic individuals from across the Caribbean. She asserted that the JMCC has been fulfilling its vision of preserving and disseminating the traditions of the Jamaican culture through its programs in Atlanta schools and contests, such as the Annual Fruitcake Competition that educate and energize the public. The organization keeps the public aware of outstanding achievements by Jamaicans, through its social media pages and its website, jmccatlanta.com. In addition, the JMCC highlights Jamaican and Caribbean businesses as it presents its programs.

Dr. Reid posited that this recognition would not have been possible without the hard work of the members of the Board. On hand to receive the award along with the president were Vice President Christine Marzouca, Communications Director Laurel Wong, and Resource Director Dr. Glen Laman. The JMCC is determined to bring global awareness to the rich Jamaican traditions that renown Atlanta Civil Rights Leader, The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. embraced and desired to see exist in the United States as he saw lived out in Jamaica.