Jamaican English Teacher Needs Your Help to Win Video Contest in Japan

Kumamoto, Japan (February 5, 2016) – Jamaican journalist turned English teacher, Denise Wiley is calling on Jamaicans at home and in the Diaspora to support her bid to win the top prize in a video competition for tickets to travel around Japan.

Wiley, one of many Jamaicans currently teaching English in Japan on the JET Programme, is based in the southern prefecture of Kumamoto. Her video entry begins with the distinctive colours of the Jamaican flag, and focuses on the charm of Kumamoto including a clip of the famous Kumamon mascot, as well as snippets of her travels in the country since her arrival in July 2015. Viewers can vote for the video once daily. Click here to vote.

“As Jamaicans we are not content with just being in a new country. Naturally, I want to explore the length and breadth of Japan and winning this contest will help me do that. Everywhere I go, people are excited when they hear that I am from Jamaica – the same country as Usain Bolt, and I am happy to take advantage of that opportunity to share with them what my country has to offer,” Wiley said.

The JET Programme Video Contest aims to promote the charms and appeal of Japan’s local communities as seen through the eyes of JET participants. The winner will receive domestic travel tickets valued at ¥100,000. Other prizes include Best Idea Award, PR Award, Best of Season Award, and Most Voted Video Award. Voting continues until March 31, 2016 and the prizes will be awarded during the JET Programme 30th Anniversary Event scheduled for Autumn 2016.

About JET
The Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme (JET Programme) invites overseas youth to work in local governments as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs), Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs) and Sports Exchanges Advisors (SEAs). Participants strive to promote international exchanges at a local level and to strengthen foreign language education through their work. The programme accepted 40 Jamaicans in 2015.

Video link: https://jetvideocontest.com/system/international/pc/?c=contest-2&r_cstm_contest_pk=57