Jamaican Olympic Athlete Asafa Powell First to Be Honored with “Superstar” Award

Jamaican Olympian, Asafa Powell, is the first person to be presented with the Bleu & Bougie Superstar Award by the promoters of the New York-based Elite Weekend at the inaugural staging of the event in Jamaica. He received the award on March 17, 2024, at Devon House in Kingston.

Honored for his athletic achievements

Powell, known as the “Sub 10 King,” was recognized for his outstanding athletic achievements, which include twice setting the world 100-meter record between June 2005 and May 2008, clocking 9.77 seconds and 9.74 seconds, respectively. After he received the award, Powell, who had attended an awards ceremony in Antigua and Barbuda just a day before, said he felt “very honored” by the presentation. He went on to say that he appreciated all the love he received from the Jamaican Diaspora in New York throughout his career, adding that he believed the appreciation from the Diaspora is “stronger” than that of Jamaicans living on the home island. Powell added that he felt “blessed” to receive the award because it means that he has “done something legendary to be proud of.”

The first Elite Weekend in Jamaica

In an interview with Caribbean Life, Elite Weekend executive, Sephron Mair, described the inaugural event at Devon House a great success, with everyone having a good time. He said it was “hard work” to stage the event in Jamaica, but that it had “exceeded all expectations.” The co-producer of the event, Gary Blake, stated that scheduling the Elite Weekend for two days before the ISSA Boys & Girls Athletics Championships (Champs) was a very good decision as the athletic competition is a big draw for Jamaican sports fans in the Diaspora. Elite Weekend promoters had targeted this group and obtained a great result. Blake thanked the hundreds of “Elite Weekenders” who came from Atlanta, Florida, Toronto, and Houston to join in the festivities. A 2025 staging of the Elite Weekend is scheduled for March 15-16, 2025, at a to-be-announced location.

Performers wowed the crowd

Devon House was the site of an impromptu performance by singer Richie Stephens during the Elite event. His renditions of “I’d Rather” and “Weakness for Sweetnes” received enthusiastic applause from attendees. DJ Roy, a selector from New York who played on the All White Soiree en Blanc on the second day of the event, turned in a standout performance before the capacity crowd. Other performers included Bishop Escobar, Captain Colin Hinds, Icopsycho, Richie Ras, Rich Rocc,  and MV Stone.

Previous awardees

With the award, Powell joins other prestigious honorees of Bleu & Bougie, including global dancehall deejay, Bounty Killa; international reggae singer, Nadine Sutherland; Grammy Award-nominated music producer and executive, Cristy Barber; and actor Nick Creegan.